Penray helps trucks run cleaner, greener

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As diesel fuel prices continue to soar, Penray says its line of BioDiesel year-round fuel treatment products can help improve gas mileage while also helping truck engines run cleaner and greener.

“Diesel fuel prices are skyrocketing, and there is no relief in site,” says Joel Gresmer, national sales manager of the powerfleet division for Penray, based in Elk Grove Village, Ill. “At Penray, we want to give our customers viable solutions to help decrease downtime and improve engine performance, which will result in better gas mileage Our year-round fuel treatment products are the perfect solution to help trucks run longer, better and cleaner.”

Penray says its year-round fuel treatment products include:

Fuel Prep Year Round Fuel Treatment

  • Ready for use in biodiesel and is ULSD-compliant;
  • Combats sludge formation and disperses exiting sludge in fuel tanks;
  • Combats bacterial and fungal growth, cleans injectors and lubricates fuel system;
  • Prevents corrosion and prepares fuel tanks for winter conditions and storage;
  • Conditions less stable diesel fuels by allowing them to burn cleaner and more completely, thus improving emissions and injector spray patterns;
  • Reduces accumulation of unburned carbon particles so engines stay cleaner, and reduces lube oil dilution and contamination; and
  • Also available in a concentrated formula for bulk tanks.
  • Pow-R Performance Diesel Fuel Enhancer

  • Ready for use in biodiesel and is ULSD-compliant;
  • A lubricity additive, it is also a Cetane improver;
  • Maximizes fuel lubrication while increasing power; and
  • Stabilizes stored fuel, cleans injectors and decreases fuel consumption.