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Half-scissor hydraulic vehicle lift
Stertil-Koni says its Skylift half-scissor hydraulic vehicle lift incorporates two independent, modular lifting platforms to provide additional underchassis operator access, while its vertical lifting orientation saves working space. The independent lift units can be repositioned easily to accommodate virtually any axle width, and the Skylift’s ease of mobility makes it convenient and portable, according to the company; the lift can be installed in flush-mounted or surface-mounted configurations, enabling it to accommodate a wide variety of vehicles, axle widths and lift applications.

The Skylift is designed as a modular unit: Four legs (two under each runway) can handle a maximum length runway of up to 45 feet. The device also is built for multiple loading configurations, the company says; customers can load the lift with up to 77,000 pounds symmetrically and up to 55,000 pounds asymmetrically. The Skylift’s floor-to-ramp height is 69 inches (1.75 m), allowing for adequate headroom, and each leg is equipped with an individual measuring device to facilitate smooth, level synchronization within 5⁄8 inch. The lift also offers independent hydraulic and mechanical locking systems and has 31 mechanical locking positions. Installation is easy, according to Stertil-Koni; two technicians can install the lift in a day.

Lightweight gray iron drum
The Aftermarket Business Unit of Webb Wheel Products says its high-performing Webb Vortex brake drum, produced from standard gray iron metallurgy, is an alternative replacement drum for more expensive steel-shelled or other lightweight drums used in rear and trailer applications. The brake drum measures 16-by-7-inches and weighs 100 pounds. Webb says the Vortex design profile, with reinforcing center band and ribs, results in a conventional gray iron brake drum that weighs less, but does not compromise the structural integrity, reliability and braking capabilities expected in heavier drums. According to the company, the advanced technology contour adds 15 percent to the surface area and conducts heat away from the brake surface for added heat dissipation and lining life, resulting in a drum that runs cooler, is structurally strong and has exceptional stopping performance.
Webb Wheel Products

Aggressive on-/off-highway drive tire
Firestone says its FD835 on-/off-highway drive tire delivers superior traction and exceptional removal mileage in severe-service applications. The aggressive drive is suited for rugged applications in logging, construction, mining, refuse or oil field service.

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The FD835, which the company describes as the first of a new generation of Firestone on-/off-highway tires, has an aggressive block tread pattern designed for superior traction both on and off the highway. Thirsty angled sipes positioned in each block are designed to cut through rain for solid wet-surface handling, while an extra-deep open shoulder design helps facilitate outstanding traction on soft surfaces, including mud and snow.

With a tread more than one full inch deep, the FD835 is designed to offer exceptional removal mileage; ultra-tough tread compounds help combat cuts, chips, chunks and tears for long tread life, even in severe service. The aggressive block radial incorporates four steel belts and an all-steel casing so it can be retreaded for any axle position, according to the company; split-belt construction helps the casing resist cuts and punctures by enveloping debris, which reduces belt damage for longer tire life and enhanced retreadability. To enhance casing life, the FD835 uses computer-designed groove shapes to help prevent trapped stones from pushing into the tread grooves and piercing the belt layer, which can damage belts and expose them to rust.

The new Firestone FD835 is available in the 11R24.5 size with an “H” load rating, and is usable to 65 mph.

Circuit alert tools
Del City describes its line of Circuit Alert Tools as commonly used electricians’ tools that have a removable built-in voltage detector. The voltage-sensing module is designed to produce an audible and visual alert when it detects a live circuit, keeping users from having to search through a toolbox for a separate voltage detector when working on AC wiring. Del City says the Circuit Alert line includes screwdrivers, wire strippers, pliers, flashlights and a utility knife, all with ergonomic, cushioned handles for additional comfort and control, as well as forged steel construction for lighter weight and added durability.
Del City

Three-hose holder for truck-trailer combinations
Phillips Industries says its Qwik-Snap three-hose holder for commercial truck-trailer combinations quickly secures three air hoses in place with a single closing action that snaps shut and can be secured easily with a gloved hand, eliminating fumbling with corroded washers and nuts. The impact-resistant holder is made from noncorrosive durable nylon that can withstand extreme weather, according to the company; the positive lock stays connected at more than 80 pounds of pull force. The adjustable holder is designed to accommodate one 1/2-inch hose and two 3⁄8-inch hoses.
Phillips Industries

Pickup box light
4z Products says its Automatic Cargo Light eliminates the main disadvantage of conventional pickup box lights that don’t automatically illuminate the interior of the truck box during loading and unloading of cargo. Furthermore, many traditional lights are mounted above the rear window of the cab, where their illumination shines in a person’s eyes, not on the surface of the truck bed, and where truck accessories such as tonneau covers can block the light. The Automatic Cargo Light is easy to install, with no drilling or special tools needed, according to the company; an override switch is included for times when tailgates are open for extended periods of time. The light mounts under the bed rail near the stake hole post and is well protected, 4z Products says; it mounts using two-sided automotive-grade foam tape. The wires and switch pass through the holes behind the tailgate and under the vehicle, and the switch is mounted on the side of the tailgate next to the hinge with an industrial-strength hook and a loop fastener. The tailgate still can be removed, and an extra hook and loop fastener is provided where the switch can be placed if the tailgate is removed. Connectors are included for hooking up the constant power and ground wires.
4z Products

Capacitors for starting engines
Cantec Systems says its Can-Crank Super Capacitors improve starting for all sizes of engines. The 12-volt and 24-volt electrochemical dual-layer capacitors, available in several sizes, have more cranking power than four Group-31 batteries and repeatedly can crank an engine to higher rpms more quickly, according to the company; they can be fully recharged in less than 10 seconds.
Cantec Systems

Truck tarping system
Diversified Fall Protection Inc. says its Quick-Safe Truck Tarping System is designed to allow drivers to tarp loads without getting on top of the truck or load. The remote-controlled operation allows the driver to stay safely on the ground, according to the company; there is no heavy lifting to get the tarps on top of the load, and no straining to get the tarp pulled over the load. Connecting the tarp to the system is easy, the company says, and the driver never has to leave the ground. The system is operated by a push-button remote control.
Diversified Fall Protection Inc.

Directional LED
Ecco has added the 3760 model to its line of 3700 Series LED directional lights. With a grommet-mount configuration, the versatile 3760 is suited for in-body utility truck-type applications, the company says. The 3760 features four 1-watt LEDs, 11 flash patterns, synchronization capability and SAE Class I operation, according to Ecco. The light – which incorporates side-emitting LEDs and a reflector design to facilitate additional light output – also features two California Title 13-approved flash patterns.

Low-profile vehicle safety light
Superior Signals says its low-profile ML55 Series LED Strobe vehicle safety light is designed for indoor vehicles such as forklifts, scissor lifts and aerial lifts. The ML55, part of the company’s Meteorlite line, is made with an epoxy-filled base and sonic-welded lens, and is designed to resist water and vibration. The light, which features an attention-getting quad flashing pattern, has six LEDs in amber, blue, clear or red, and is available with permanent or magnetic mount; an optional strobe guard also is available. The unit is UL- and CE-approved.
Superior Signals

Trailer electrical circuit checker
Lite-Check says its 720 Pro-Check eliminates the need for trailer electrical circuit diagnostics. The device automatically displays the circuit with voltage, amperage and circuit conditions (good, open, short, open ground, chassis ground), according to the company; the fault alarm shuts off whenever the fault is corrected. A full-function remote control is optional.

Securement device for stabilizing stacked cargo
2Secure says its Marvee Direct X-Tie System is a cargo securement device that helps increase the stability of stacked cargo in order to minimize loads from shifting and help prevent accidents caused when unstable cargo falls onto roadways. The direct-restraint device is designed to work with current load procedures and in conjunction with existing straps and winches to enhance forward, rearward and upward stability, offering up to twice the lateral stability over using straps alone. The Marvee System applies the principles of cross-tying used on heavy equipment and works in pairs, according to the company; the system is made of a lightweight composite material that offers superior strength with a working load limit of 5,600 pounds, which exceeds CCMTA/FMCSA regulations for increased lateral stability and aids in meeting the current National Safety Code for increased cargo stability.

Drum labels, tamper-evident seals
Labelmaster says its line of Premium Laser Litho and Dura-Vinyl drum labels meet stringent regulatory and compliance requirements for shipping dangerous goods. The drum labels are designed and manufactured in full compliance with Department of Transportation 49 CFR regulations, reviewed for accuracy and color consistency, and double-checked by regulatory experts prior to shipment, according to the company.

Labelmaster also offers a variety of high-security and tamper-evident seals, bolts and locks. From securing cargo containers to inventory control, Labelmaster says it has stock and custom seals for every application. Security seals are used for securing trailers, containers, tankers, rail cars, entrances and exits, meters, machines, bags and totes. The types of materials they secure range from highly-valued and dangerous goods to less-than-truckload cargo, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and electronics. Labelmaster says its array of security seals are available in a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, bolt, cable, wire, strap and padlock. Many can be personalized with a company’s unique information, and some varieties are C-TPAT- and ISO-compliant.

Self-cleaning air cleaner
Donaldson Co. says it designed its Pulse Jet Air Cleaning (PJAC) Ultra self-cleaning air cleaner for maximum engine protection, minimized filter element servicing and improved fuel economy and vehicle engine power. The air cleaner is suited for applications operating in demanding environmental conditions, as well as military vehicles. Donaldson says the PJAC is a self-cleaning air filter that cleans filter elements with short-duration pulses of compressed air. The two-stage air filtration technology is designed to ensure the best engine protection and a longer lifecycle due to minimized filtration servicing with no scavenge required. Designed with the company’s proprietary UltraWeb Nanofiber filtration technology, the PJAC Ultra air cleaner provides the highest level of efficiency – more than 99.997 percent – and has a filter life of more than 200 hours, according to the company. Manufactured with a durable corrosion-resistant coated metal housing, the air cleaner is built with Donaldson’s proprietary Vacuator Valve designed to release dust automatically.
Donaldson Co.

Low-profile regional drive tire
Double Coin and CMA LLC say the Double Coin RLB490 low-profile regional drive tire takes the core specifications of the RLB900 and upgrades it for enhanced performance and durability. The RLB490 is intended to be a premium regional-traction drive tire with specific components specially designed for tough pickup-and-delivery applications. The RLB490 has an original tread depth of 19⁄32 to 22⁄32 inch, which is designed to endure rapid tread wear in high scrub applications. Special features to enhance performance, according to the companies, include:

  • Large grooves and sipes in the tread area for higher traction, water dispersion and even wear;
  • Wide shoulders to enhance maneuverability and deliver even footprint pressure;
  • An aggressive tread design for traction needs in today’s regional drive environment; and
  • Special tread compounds to fight scrub and irregular wear.

The tire is available in sizes 225/70R19.5/12, 245/70R19.5/16, 265/70R19.5/16, 255/70R22.5/16 and 275/70R22.5/16.
Double Coin

Self-closing strip door for food distribution
R-O-M Corp. says its DuroMatic Self-Closing Strip Door for the food distribution industry is suited for refrigerated trucks and trailer applications where product integrity, driver productivity and reduced wear on cooling systems are integral to efficient operations. According to the company, the door combines the temperature-control benefits of PVC strip doors with the driver-friendly benefits of a curtain that opens and automatically closes once the driver and load are out of the unit. By keeping warm, moist air out of the refrigerated compartment, high-run defrost cycles are reduced, R-O-M says; in addition, the easy-open and self-closing feature eliminates the need for drivers to cut or tie back the strips during product offloading. Operation of the door is easy, according to R-O-M; the system may be installed on side and rear access doors up to 48 inches wide and is fully self-contained, so no lubrication or electrical or pneumatic power is required. After the ramp is deployed and the hand truck is loaded, the driver pulls a handle to open the curtain and, with easy visibility to ensure safe passage down the ramp, offloads the product, the company says; the DuroMatic strips automatically retract. The DuroMatic Self-Closing Strip Door is available new and retrofit.
R-O-M Corp.

Heavy-duty stereos
ASA Electronics has introduced two Jensen Heavy Duty stereos to the commercial vehicle and heavy truck markets: the Jensen JHD1510 AM/FM/WB iPod and Sirius Ready Stereo, and the Jensen JHD3510 AM/FM/CD/WB iPod and Sirius Ready Stereo. Both the JHD1510 and JHD3510 are available through Kingston Mobile and are built to deliver high-quality audio without sacrificing feature content, all while withstanding the conditions commonly encountered in heavy-duty environments.
Kingston Mobile

Nonintegrated APU
The PowerCube is Tridako Energy Systems’ signature line of isolated, nonintegrated auxiliary power units. Each PowerCube is designed to provide on-the-road comfort through many performance-enhancing designs. With a choice of units powered by Kubota, Caterpillar and Isuzu motors, the line includes Tridako’s ThermoVap condenser/radiator unit located inside the case while pulling BTUs with the company’s FastAir component technology to heat and cool the cab area quickly with sustained temperature levels. The PowerCube SaddleMount tube frame chassis is designed to assure mounting durability, belt security and alignment while supporting a host of high-performance components inside four powder-coated steel-case skins that are separately removable, providing easy access to any service area. Tridako says the PowerCube APU meets SAE J-1503 testing criteria for automotive products.
Tridako Energy Systems

Wired obstacle detection sensor system
Mobile Awareness has released a SenseStat Wired Obstacle Detection Sensor System geared toward commercial trucks with trailers, utility vehicles and buses. Activated automatically when reverse gear is engaged, the driver is alerted to objects behind the vehicle with both an audible (active) and visual indicator (LED display), the company says. The waterproof sensors are designed to work in all weather conditions and provide the location of an obstacle (zone discrimination) within four individual areas behind the vehicle, accurate to within one inch. Other features include the ability to adjust the furthest-end location of the vehicle due to overhanging objects, such as a trailer hitch or extended bumpers (Stop-line Adjustment), according to the company; additionally, the monitor displays all zones simultaneously in real time while indicating the specific area closest to an object.

Based on a design optimized for long vehicles, the Mobile Awareness SenseStat System MA-ODSS-4M17TT (Truck & Trailer) or MA-ODSS-4M17BT (Box Truck) are designed for applications where a wired installation is preferred, such as to avoid wireless signal interference or when there is no available power source on the trailer. Mobile Awareness says the system is simple to install and maintain; the four waterproof sensors and Electronic Control Unit (EDU) mount on the rear of the truck or trailer, while the dash-mounted Warning Display Unit (WDU) connects to the ECU via a single waterproof cable that installs under the vehicle. One two-wire connection is required to complete the installation.
Mobile Awareness