SEKO adds system for PO management

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SEKO, a global provider of supply chain solutions, including transportation, logistics and IT solutions, introduced a global vendor Purchase Order (PO) management software tool, dubbed SEKO’s Supplier PO Management. The new Supplier PO Management system takes the complexity out of managing multiple purchase orders from multiple vendors while saving time and money in overall supply chain costs, the company says.

The system provides end-to-end visibility from the vendor to the warehouse and all the way through to delivery. All PO entries and changes are recorded and preserved, displaying the original entries, current status, changes made, who made the changes, and when. The tool eliminates chances for lost or misplaced purchase orders, wasted time spent on complicated spreadsheets and continuous follow-ups, SEKO says.

SEKO’s Supplier PO Management is fully Web-based and integrated into SEKO’s online customer shipment management suite of applications, MySEKO. It has features such as:

  • Fully integrated messaging system
  • Streamlined interface with drop-down menus
  • Point-and-click operation
  • The ability to break down purchase orders into detailed, individual lines
  • A summary report that provides a snapshot of all activity
  • The ability for customers to run metrics on their vendors and quickly obtain performance reviews
  • Additionally, if a single PO turns into multiple shipments, those line items can be tracked, covering information such as the cost per item, exact time of when shipments left the factory, and many milestones in between. Customers, vendors, and any authorized individual can communicate easily with one another over the Web-based system, without the necessity of email. All messages are fully traceable, so users know if they have been viewed, thus reducing the chances of ‘misplaced’ or ‘overlooked’ purchase orders.