Transfer Flow debuts 50-gallon refueling tank

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Transfer Flow says its 50-gallon refueling tank, designed for both domestic and imported full-size pickups, allows users to safely transport gasoline, diesel, ethanol, methanol or kerosene. According to the company, the tank carries a special permit number from the Department of Transportation, allowing it to transport volatile fuels legally.

The tank is made from 12-gauge aluminized steel for added strength and corrosion resistance, and is baffled on all four sides to help reduce fuel “sloshing.” The notched design allows the refueling pump to sit below tank height for a cleaner, more compact appearance. The tank includes mounting hardware, a fuel cap and a rollover valve; an optional 12-volt refueling pump, meter, fuel filter and locking cap also are available.

The company also manufactures refueling tanks in 82-, 100- and 109-gallon sizes, and toolbox/refueling tank combos in 30- and 50-gallon configurations. For more information, go to