Eaton pre-approves repairs to streamline warranty processing

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With the new pre-authorized warranty repair guidelines now posted on, telephone calls for many Eaton repair authorizations may no longer be necessary. The Eaton warranty program is designed to allow technicians, service managers and warranty administrators at all North American truck dealerships to identify and administer 19 different repairs with no outside intervention by following clear guidelines that are accessible through the Roadranger website. The program covers Eaton transmissions, clutches and VORAD collision warning systems.

“When it comes to warranty repairs, time really does mean money for our customers,” says John Needham, warranty manager for Kalamazoo, Mich.-based Eaton. “This is what our customers have been telling us they want. By eliminating the need for telephone authorizations, dealers now have the autonomy to troubleshoot, diagnose and repair the problem; submit their claims; and receive compensation in the fastest possible manner. Of course, they can still call us if they want to do so.”

Needham says that access to the program, which is available 24/7, is easy to find by clicking the “Warranty” tab on the top of the home page. Among the more than 50 repair guidelines available on the website, pre-authorized guidelines are provided for five automated transmission repairs, 10 manual transmission repairs, three clutch repairs and one collision warning system repair. In each case, visitors are provided with a description of the repair, parts required, labor required, a claim code and parts disposition. Another link provides submission guidelines and all necessary forms to file the claim.

“By giving our dealer customers more autonomy with the manner in which they perform their jobs, we can help them to reduce expenses associated with warranty claims,” says Rick Muth, manager of special programs or Eaton. “Making the guidelines available online represents the kickoff of a new Roadranger initiative to create a more customer-centric warranty system, and the first of additional new programs that we will be launching in the upcoming months.”