Bergstrom NITE system offered on International ProStar/LoneStar

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Bergstrom Inc. announced Wednesday, Aug. 20, that it has teamed up with International Trucks to develop a new fully-integrated version of Bergstrom’s NITE (No-Idle Thermal Environment) climate control system for the International ProStar and LoneStar trucks. The new system will be available as a factory-installed option in ProStar/LoneStar models beginning fourth quarter of 2008.

“This is the next generation of our NITE system,” says Terry Zeigler, vice president of electrified systems for Rockford, Ill.-based Bergstrom. “Our engineers worked closely with International’s engineers to integrate the NITE system into the conventional HVAC system of ProStar/LoneStar trucks.” According to Zeigler, two of the major benefits of the new integrated system will be increased performance and higher reliability.

The NITE no-idle system is an engine-on/engine-off climate control system designed to keep the sleeper compartment cool in hot weather and warm when it’s cold outside, without idling. The new system features a sleeper AC system for both over-the-road and engine-off operation, according to Bergstrom; with the engine off, the sleeper AC system operates on deep cycle batteries, and with the engine running, it switches over to belt-driven power supplied by the truck’s engine. Other benefits include savings on fuel and reduced engine wear by eliminating overnight idling.

Engineered specifically for long-haul trucks, the lightweight, compact NITE system consists of a rechargeable deep-cycle battery system that supplies electricity to a hermetically sealed air-conditioning unit and an auxiliary heater. The NITE system also includes a smart control system with electronic variable functions for comfort and power management, according to Bergstrom; the engineered ductwork circulates air, providing a low-voltage cutout to safeguard the independent NITE battery and a status indicator to notify the owner when recharging is needed.

“We’re very pleased to work with International Trucks to bring this advance to ProStar/LoneStar owners, and help them reduce their fuel usage and keep their drivers comfortable and productive,” Zeigler says.