C.L. Services switches to Aljex’s TIN brokerage software

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Aljex Software, Inc., a provider of management software for freight brokers, carriers, logistics companies and other transportation providers, announced that C.L. Services, Inc., Atlanta, Ga., is now using Aljex’s TIN (Transportation Intermediary Network) application for its brokerage operations in Atlanta and Chicago.

C.L. Services works for the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Postal Service and many Fortune 500 companies from its offices in these two major cities. The company handles a variety of commodities from dry van to temperature controlled to heavy haul through a steady network of some 5,000 carriers, of which 500 are used regularly and 100 are considered core carriers.

Aljex applications, including TIN, are provided over the Internet in a model referred to in the buzzword “cloud computing.” The phrase derives from the cartoon cloud that represents the Internet in so many business flow charts.

In July, C.L. Services switched from its previously installed software to Aljex’s hosted, map-based TIN. All 31 associates at C.L. Services access the same software and dataset no matter where they are located.

TIN is a map-oriented application that indicates the location and status of loads in the system and can be accessed directly by customers on the Internet — which eases the need for status-check phone calls.

According to Jeff Lantz, CEO of C.L. Services, those weren’t the only reasons for the switch to Aljex.

“Aljex is written for the brokerage community. There’s an understanding of the details and nuances that differentiate brokerage from other transportation businesses. Those businesses may be similar, but they are not the same. Aljex understands that,” Lantz said.

“Also, Aljex suits a generation that communicates via email and text. Everything interfaces with the Web, including our website. From freight quotes, status and location calls to POD’s, the carrier or shipper customer can log in and get anything pertaining to their shipments,” he added.

Lantz also cited the speed of the Aljex system and its intuitive ease of use. C.L. Services was able to move from its previous system to Aljex in less than three weeks.