Port of L.A. sets Sept. 19 deadline for LMCs to apply for CTP incentives

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The Port of Los Angeles has set a deadline of Friday, Sept. 19, for accepting applications from Licensed Motor Carriers that sign on to the 2007-Compliant Incentive Program offered through the Port of Los Angeles Clean Truck Program.

The incentive program, approved by the Los Angeles Harbor Commission on Aug. 21, offers LMCs $20,000 for each U.S. EPA 2007-compliant truck they put into drayage service within a one-year period commencing Oct. 1. To qualify, trucks must be privately funded and be committed to make an average of six trips per week for five years.

Incentive program participants also can apply to receive a yearly cash “Efficient Use” incentive payment of $10 per Port of Los Angeles dray with their ’07 compliant truck if they achieve a target of 600 qualified drays per year in and out of the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and 300 of those drays are for Port of Los Angeles cargo. The per-truck limit of payouts for this second incentive would be $10,000. This funding would be available for a one-year period commencing Oct. 1.

In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the CTP, the Port of Los Angeles plans to schedule an informational meeting with its CTP concessionaires and incentive program applicants within the next two weeks. The port says early infusion of ’07-compliant trucks enables it to achieve immediate and significant emissions reductions — well ahead of the progressive truck ban deadline.

The port projects that the baseline reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions in the first year of the CTP will increase from 184 tons without incentives to 814 tons with the incentives. In addition, the ’07-compliant trucks will deliver a 48-ton reduction in particulate emissions – three times the original estimate of 18 tons during the first year of the program. These figures are based on about 700 ’07-compliant trucks entering into the program by Oct. 1.

LMCs must submit letters of intent by Friday to be considered for the program. Their letters should indicate how many ’07-compliant trucks they propose to operate as CTP concessionaires beginning Oct. 1 and the total number of ’07-compliant trucks they are proposing to deploy in port drayage during the first 12 months of the CTP. For the Efficient Use incentive, their letters must include their targeted number of drays.

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For more details on these programs, see Incentive Requirements (page 4) at www.portoflosangeles.org/Board/2008/August/082108_ctp_item1.pdf.