Penray tells fleets how to stay cool and keep it clean

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With all the miles expected of today’s engines, keeping the cooling system up to par is essential and a constant challenge. However, Penray says it has two cooling system cleaning products that can be used on the road or when your truck is in the shop.

“At Penray, we know the importance of keeping your truck on the road, and we also know that cooling systems can get pretty dirty if they are not maintained,” says Joel Gresmer, national sales manager for the powerfleet division of the Elk Grove Village, Ill.-based company. “After all, 40 percent of engine downtime is cooling system-related.”

The Penray 2001 On-Line Cooling System Cleaner is designed to clean diesel engine cooling systems while they remain in service. Penray says the liquid product, suited for engines with only light scale and limited corrosion, is ideal for periodic on-the-road cleaning; the 2001 Cleaner removes harmful mineral scale and oxide deposits.

If the problem is severe, the Penray 2015 Twin Pac is suited for a deep and thorough cooling system cleaning. Penray says the 2015 Twin Pac, which combines a cleaner and conditioner for heavy-duty cooling system treatment, removes harmful scale and sludge deposits from the entire cooling system; it also removes corrosion deposits, green slime and oil deposits. The conditioner flushes the cooling system of loosened deposits, removes any accumulated oil and conditions the metal surfaces, according to the company.