SKF updates air dryer brochure, maintenance guide

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SKF has updated both its brochure and maintenance guide for its line of Brakemaster air dryers. The updated literature provides the most current information regarding SKF Brakemaster air dryer products, including the new Filtration Plus Option.

“The SKF Brakemaster air dryer product line provides fleets with a reliable solution for air-actuated components,” says Leslie Kern, senior heavy-duty product manager for SKF. “The new brochure and maintenance guide will help customers maximize all the benefits of the Brakemaster product line, ultimately helping them improve fleet uptime and reduce maintenance costs.”

The SKF Brakemaster air dryer solutions brochure (457969) features information about the new SKF Filtration Plus Option available for the Dual Turbo-2000 and HD-2000. The integrated filtration system is designed to remove oil and carbon before it enters the air system, optimizing performance, extending service life and protecting components downstream.

SKF’s Brakemaster air dryer maintenance guide (457938) provides detailed specifications and schematics to help with operation and troubleshooting. As a quick reference, the guide also outlines several service procedures for each unit.

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