Alltel releases Workforce Locator

Alltel Wireless, one of America’s largest networks, announced the availability of Alltel Workforce Locator, a tracking and mobile resource management (MRM) solution designed by Autodesk.

The application now is available on the first in a series of BREW devices enabled with location-based services (LBS) such as the Samsung R430, Samsung U520, LG AX260 and LG AX300. Alltel Workforce Locator provides a scalable easy-to-manage solution for monitoring a mobile work force in real time, the company says.

Alltel Workforce Locator has Web-based maps for quickly locating a work force and directing employees to the correct jobsite, the company says; it also has the ability to send job updates via text messaging. The scalable platform can accommodate any number of workloads or users for businesses regardless of size, according to the company.

Alltel says the Workforce Locator software also features:

  • Location enablement and privacy controls for mobile work force;
  • Travel directions to and from any location or point of interest;
  • The ability to send text messages from PC to mobile phones; and
  • Maintenance-free manageability for IT administrators, with no hardware or software to deploy, systems to monitor or custom developments.
  • “Business customers can now more effectively manage and meet their business objectives using Alltel’s Workforce Locator with nationwide LBS coverage, while having greater communication with and control over their mobile work force,” says David Maddox, vice president of product marketing. “This application is the latest in a series of product launches from Alltel that allows businesses to efficiently manage and communicate to their mobile work force using Alltel mobile devices.”

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