DriverTech, McLeod integrate In-Cab Scanning, Forms Recognition

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DriverTech, designer of a Windows XP-embedded onboard computing system for the transportation industry, and McLeod Imaging, the document management operation of McLeod Software, announced today, Oct. 1, a full integration of DriverTech’s DTScan In-Cab Scanning solution and McLeod’s Forms Recognition product, an add-on to its DocumentPower document management system. The companies say the integrated technologies can benefit carriers by reducing DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) and costs associated with overhead and business processes.

“DTScan works with our DT4000 TruckPC to provide a lower-cost real-time in-vehicle document scanning solution for motor carriers,” says Mark Haslam, chief executive officer of Salt Lake City-based DriverTech. “Scanning proof of delivery (POD) documents with DTScan and One Touch VRS in the cab, transmitting images and invoicing customers as the vehicle departs can result in a dramatic reduction in DSO. DTScan also eliminates the need for drivers to spend valuable hours-of-service time using more costly truckstop services to scan POD and settlement documents, and eliminates paperwork delivery delays, leading to improved driver satisfaction and retention.”

With the combination of DriverTech’s DTScan and McLeod’s Forms Recognition, drivers cam scan delivery, settlement and other documents in the cab, and images are sent seamlessly via open Wi-Fi or cellular communications. Customers receive images, including a scanned OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) bubble form. Forms Recognition then automates the process of receiving scanned documents by automatically determining document types and indexing and routing them through a workflow solution. By speeding and improving the accuracy of this process, the integrated systems allow carriers to bill shippers within minutes as opposed to days, and enable faster processing of driver settlements, according to the companies.

McLeod says its Forms Recognition product streamlines paperwork processes and reduces labor costs for all types of motor carriers by quickly, easily and accurately capturing, validating and classifying documents. “The use of Forms Recognition transforms labor-intensive office operations into an advanced electronic document management system,” says Tom McLeod, president and founder of Birmingham, Ala.-based McLeod Software and McLeod Imaging. “This product reduces labor costs and saves time by expediting workflow and eliminating bottlenecks and data entry errors.”

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“The ability to perform in-cab-scan processing of POD and driver documents is a capability that DriverTech is making available to the transportation industry,” Haslam says. “With the combination of our DTScan software and the McLeod document management system, our customers can realize a faster return on investment and lower costs.”