USF Holland launches Guaranteed Window Delivery service

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USF Holland, a subsidiary of YRC Worldwide Inc., announced Wednesday, Jan. 21, the launch of a Guaranteed Window Delivery service. The Holland, Mich.-based company says that with the new service offering, customers can request four levels of window precision to meet their time-specific delivery needs:

  • Single-Hour — For deliveries within a one-hour time window (e.g., between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. on a specific day);
  • Multi-Hour — For deliveries within a multiple-hour time window (e.g., between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. on a specific day);
  • Single-Day — For deliveries on a specific day that is different than normal delivery standards (e.g., within normal business hours on the second day beyond normal delivery schedules); and
  • Multi-Day — For deliveries that must be made within a multiple-day window (e.g., between normal business hours Wednesday through Friday on specific dates).
  • USF Holland says shipments using the new Guaranteed Window Delivery services arrive on time — not early, not late — and receive priority handling and visibility, and that all four levels of service are backed with the company’s standard money-back guarantee. Customers can use Holland Guaranteed Window Delivery services to reduce charge-backs, improve vendor scorecard performance, and manage inventories and production costs with precision, the company says; these services also take the guesswork and costs out of installations, distributions and other projects.

    “Guaranteed Window Delivery expands upon the Holland guaranteed and expedited delivery service portfolio that is already second to none in the industry,” says Keith Lovetro, president and chief executive officer of YRC Regional Transportation. “When customers need speed and precision in their supply chains, Holland continues to provide a variety of options to meet those needs. Holland provides a highly-reliable standard next-day delivery service in more lanes than any other competitor in its region. When customers need even greater precision, they can tap a variety of options that include expedited deliveries beyond 500 miles, guaranteed by 9 a.m., Noon or 3:30 p.m., and now guaranteed delivery within any time window or day window. All options include Holland peace-of-mind reliability and a reasonable price when compared with traditional expedited services.”

    Lanes eligible for the Holland Guaranteed Window Delivery service can be viewed when customers perform transit time or rate quotations lookups on its secured website. Customers also can call their local Holland service centers for additional information.