ITI, LabelMaster launch online hazmat training

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Instructional Technologies Inc. and LabelMaster announced they have completed an online hazmat fleet training program that meets Federal Re-Certification Training requirements.

“Up until now, mandatory Hazmat re-training has been, quite frankly, boring, time consuming and often out of date because books and video tapes are expensive to produce and hard to change. This means you end up dumping your money into training material that is uninteresting, ineffective, and expensive. And then you have to do it all again with the next driver you hire. And with a subject as critical as transporting hazardous material, lack of thorough driver training is completely unacceptable,” says Dr. James Voorhees, CEO of Instructional Technologies (ITI).

Over a year in development, the interactive four-lesson set is designed to provide drivers with effective and cost-efficient training. The set uses “mastery-level” scoring, wherein a driver must answer all questions correctly before moving on in a lesson.

Because the training is 100 percent Internet-based, companies do not have to schedule costly business-wide training sessions and the results can be tracked by training managers. When all lessons have been completed, a Certificate of Training will be issued in the driver’s name for inclusion in his or her training file.