Advantech releases onboard computing platform

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Advantech, a provider of embedded solutions and services, released two products in its Mobile Resource Management product lines. The VITA-350P is a Windows CE Embedded, Mobile Data Terminal. The TREK-305R is a 5.7″ vehicle-mount display panel.

The combination of VITA-350P and TREK-305R is a fleet management solution with real-time tracking, as well as an efficient dispatch navigation and vehicle data collection system, designed for fleet owners and drivers alike, the company says.

VITA-350P can monitor common vehicle performance data, such as vehicle and engine speed, fuel level, brake switch status, and odometer data. Wireless connectivity through GPRS is provided by Siemens (Cinterion) and GPS by u-blox. Advantech also provides APIs to ease application development and provide maximum flexibility to customers.

TREK-305R is equipped with a 5.7″ touchscreen display panel. For fleet owners, the location of all vehicles can be pinpointed on detailed maps at the back-end operation center. For drivers, the system can calculate the shortest route, saving time, fuel, and money, while ensuring they reach the proper destination.