Sprint announces Direct Connect business plans

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Sprint announced the availability of new Nextel Direct Connect Custom Plans. Customers can select a plan that includes the tools their workgroups use most and the flexibility to add a bucket of minutes based on what will actually be used. The new plans provide unlimited Direct Connect, Group Connect, Mobile-to-Mobile, Text Messaging and Picture Mail, starting at $29.99 per month.

With other mobile providers, a business is asked to choose a plan based on monthly anytime voice minutes required per user and then pay incrementally for features such as push-to-talk, text messaging and picture mail. While this approach makes sense for consumers, businesses use mobile communications tools differently and need plans to address the fact that most communication occurs between workgroup members, the company says.

With Nextel Direct Connect Custom Plans, the focus is on key services used most by workgroups, which are bundled with unlimited usage, at a low flat monthly rate. A business can then attach a bucket of anytime voice minutes to be shared with the entire workgroup.

Businesses can choose from the following Direct Connect Plans:

Web & Navigation — includes the above features, plus unlimited data, Web browsing and GPS navigation for $39.99 per month per line for Nextel phones and $49.99 per month per line for PowerSource and Nextel Direct Connect capable Sprint phones.
Pooled voice minutes can be added to either plan for the group to share at 500 minutes for $30 per month per line or 2,000 minutes for $100 per month per line.

“This is a paradigm shift in how businesses select a wireless plan to meet their business’s needs,” said Danny Bowman, president of Nextel Direct Connect, Sprint.