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Vocational air suspension
For expanded application capabilities, Hendrickson says its Primaax EX system – an enhanced version of the Primaax heavy-duty vocational truck air suspension – improves durability and performance while delivering substantial weight savings. Primaax air suspensions are suited for a variety of vocational and construction applications, including concrete mixers, dump trucks, heavy-haul tractors, refuse vehicles, truck-mounted cranes and logging trucks.

Hendrickson says the Primaax EX system features the company’s cast-austempered and shot-peened ductile iron support beams that integrate the attachment points to facilitate greater reliability. Primaax EX geometry features a frame hanger and torque rod configuration designed to provide increased roll stiffness, reduced roll steer for improved handling, and reduced suspension-induced driveline vibration. Expanded offerings of the longitudinal torque rods help provide extended bushing life, ease of serviceability and improved compatibility to package with disc brakes. The Primaax EX air springs feature improvements to the air spring piston shape and beam interface to help lift and support the load with less air pressure.

Primaax EX will be available in capacities ranging from 23,000 to 26,000 pounds for single-axle applications; 46,000 to 52,000 pounds for tandem-axle; and 69,000 to 78,000 pounds for tridem-axle.

Multitemperature reefer unit
Carrier Transicold says its Supra 950MT multitemperature truck refrigeration unit delivers the high-capacity performance found in a system for straight trucks. The company says the Supra 950MT system has a cooling capacity of 20,500 Btu/h at a setpoint of 0 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit ambient conditions. As a split system, it uses separate SlimLine evaporators for each of two cooling compartments within the cargo area; without a host evaporator at the front, truck owners have greater flexibility configuring compartments, Carrier says. Electrical systems were redesigned to be simpler, more efficient and more robust for improved reliability and serviceability, according to the company; heating functionality no longer requires a separate capacitor module, making the system easier to install.

The unit features a dual-purpose standby motor; rather than having separate components, the motor also is designed to work as an induction generator, providing power to run heaters and fans. The company says the Supra 950MT unit also includes an improved belt tensioning system, an extended oil drain fitting and other features for ease of service. As with the other units in the Supra series, the 950MT’s housing has a more streamlined appearance while also offering better acoustics, viewing ports for checking fluid levels without opening doors on the unit, and grab bars on both sides that provide convenient grips for service technicians.
Carrier Transicold

Spring brakes, service chambers
Haldex Commercial Vehicle Systems says it now offers Gold Seal and Life Seal spring brakes and service chambers with an OEM-specified welded clevis pushrod assembly. The company says the models come in both standard stroke and long stroke with the clevis welded to the pushrod and in the exact preset position used in new vehicle production.
Haldex Commercial Vehicle Systems

DEF dispensing system
In an effort to help fleet and maintenance managers bring their vehicles into compliance with more stringent 2010 Environmental Protection Agency emissions standards, American Controls Inc. says it has developed a diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) dispensing system that works in conjunction with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) engines that require a steady flow of DEF – comprised of a solution of urea and water – to convert engine emissions into harmless levels of nitrogen and water vapor. Typical components of the DEF dispensing system include a pump, metering equipment, hoses and nozzles, and other fluid controls for transferring the urea solution from drums, totes or bulk storage tanks into the tank on the vehicle. The compact metering and dispensing equipment not only has a small footprint, it also is modified easily, according to the company, which says its engineers can custom-build a system to meet any fleet and maintenance manager’s or municipality’s fill needs.
American Controls Inc.

Battery for trailer tire monitor
TireStamp says it has incorporated an upgraded battery technology into its trailer tire monitoring product, TireVigil InTow, that utilizes a revolutionary chemistry to provide longer operation life, faster charging without risk of reducing operation life, extended operation range and improved safety due to its lower risk of fire or explosion. It replaces a lithium ion battery that had powered previous TireVigil InTow packages and had a two-year lifespan. The company says the battery is expected to last customers an average of 10 years with hourly wake-up intervals as opposed to operating on an event basis. It recharges quickly when the trailer is hooked to a tractor and power is taken from the trailer’s light system, according to TireStamp; the battery also is better able to survive extreme heat and cold and has an extended temperature operating range that allows it to be charged down to -22 degrees F.

The battery – which can power both the telematics device and TireVigil InTow – is designed to deliver high peak currents over a long period of time, which is especially useful during telematics transmissions, TireStamp says; battery capacity can be adjusted easily based on the customer’s requirements without any changes to the main system, so if a fleet requires longer operation time between charges, battery capacity can be expanded. Since the battery is not comprised of hazardous material and has a rugged chemistry, it can take a lot of electrical and mechanical abuse and will not explode, according to the company.

Vehicle power management system
LedCo-ChargeGuard says its latest ChargeGuard Select model expands upon its original automatic shutdown timer for mobile electronics by adding more user-friendly settings and diagnostic features. According to the company, features include more selectable sensing modes, protected terminals, easier setting of timeout delay switches, MIL-STD 810F compliance and improved high- and low-voltage surge protection with a voltage diagnostic LED to indicate voltage problems.

Leak detection dye for coolants
Tracer Products says its TP-3940 Dye-Lite Rite-Blend blended fluorescent leak detection dye can be used for both extended-life and conventional coolants. According to the company, the specially formulated dye – which is formulated to be used with any fluorescent leak detection lamp – will not affect the color of extended-life coolants, helping to avoid improper mixing and possible damage to the cooling system. Tracer says to use the dye, just add a small amount to a system and allow it to circulate; wherever the coolant leaks out, so does the dye, which remains at the site of each and every leak. When the system is scanned with a Tracerline inspection lamp, the dye glows a bright green to show the exact location of the leak, according to the company.
Tracer Products

Spring brakes, service chambers with welded clevis
Haldex Commercial Vehicle Systems says it now offers Gold Seal and Life Seal spring brakes and service chambers with an OEM-specified welded clevis pushrod assembly. The company says the models come in both standard stroke and long stroke with the clevis welded to the pushrod and in the exact preset position used in new vehicle production.
Haldex Commercial Vehicle Systems