Michelin’s Antisplash XZA3 tire

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Michelin says its XZA3 Antisplash tire helps lower the trajectory of water spraying from the tires, meaning less water on windshields and improving overall visibility in heavy rain for oncoming and overtaking motorists, as well as truck drivers. The tire maker says the XZA3 Antisplash builds upon its XZA3 all-position tire; advanced technology compounding with 19/32nds tread depth helps reduce the tire’s rolling resistance and increase fuel efficiency, and with an 80 percent wider shoulder rib than the XZA2 Antisplash, the XZA3 Antisplash offers enhanced resistance to uneven shoulder wear. The XZA3 Antisplash’s directional miniature sipes in the groove walls help defend against the onset of irregular wear and contribute to long original tread life, while the casing’s durability and endurance are designed to facilitate multiple retreads. According to Michelin, the Antisplash feature reduces splash trajectory height by more than 50 percent compared to standard truck tires. Unlike the XZA2 Antisplash that had the feature only on one side, the new tire features the Antisplash deflector on both sidewalls of the tire. The company says the new tire is directional to half life, allowing for tire rotation later in life. The all-position radial tire, optimized for splash reduction in steer axle service, is available in the 275/80R22.5 LRH size.

Wheel balancer
Hunter says its GSP9600HD ForceMatch wheel balancer offers vibration management and wheel uniformity measurement to a wide range of vehicles, including heavy-duty trucks. The universal balancer uses loaded-roller contact to measure runout (eccentricity) of a tire and rim assembly and minimize wheel-related vibration, according to the company; with pinpoint accuracy and a robust structural design, the GSP9600HD can balance wheels with rims from 10 to 30 inches in diameter and assembly weights up to 500 pounds. Hunter says the GSP9600HD includes many features found on its existing wheel balancers to improve accuracy and speed of heavy-duty truck service. Using the loaded roller, the GSP9600HD is designed to automatically measure wheel assembly diameter and locate the true high spot with every balance; with this information, technicians can match-mount tire high spots and rim low spots to optimize the rolling uniformity of a wheel assembly, and properly mount dual wheels by diameter and eccentricity to maximize tire wear and ride quality.

Battery-powered no-idling system
Bergstrom says its NITE Plus system is an improved, more efficient version of its NITE system, an energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly no-idling solution that complies with all idle restriction laws. NITE Plus features updated heat exchangers and a redesigned airflow that results in a 30 percent increase in cooling capacity generated with less battery power, according to the company. It consists of a rechargeable battery system that supplies electricity to a hermetically sealed air-conditioning unit and an auxiliary heater. As a battery-powered no-idling system, the CARB-approved NITE Plus unit is able to generate high BTU cooling capacity without sending emissions into the environment, Bergstrom says; this helps drivers comply with stringent anti-idling laws, while also helping save money on fuel and maintenance by reducing fuel usage.

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Bergstrom’s NITE Plus system is available as a factory-installed option on Freightliner Cascadia trucks and International ProStar and LoneStar trucks.

Air pre-treatment condenser/separator
Haldex says its Consep is a low-maintenance air pre-treatment condenser/separator designed for a variety of OE applications. When factory-installed or retrofitted in a vehicle’s air brake system, the Consep condenses, separates and removes up to 90 percent of the oils, liquids and other contaminants, while treating flow rates of more than 30 SCFM, according to the company; when installed properly, the Consep reduces corrosion and possible failure of air brake system components caused by contamination, and significantly increases the air dryer desiccant life. The integrated automatic drain valve is designed so that it does not require monthly maintenance; it either purges contaminants with each brake service application, or it can be controlled independently by timer relay. The heated drain valve in the Consep can be installed in various configurations to meet a wide range of vehicle applications, Haldex says.

Power upgrade for trailer tire monitor
TireStamp says it has incorporated an upgraded battery technology into its trailer tire monitoring product, TireVigil InTow, that utilizes a revolutionary chemistry to provide longer operation life, faster charging without risk of reducing operation life, extended operation range and improved safety due to its lower risk of fire or explosion. It replaces a lithium ion battery that had powered previous TireVigil InTow packages and had a two-year lifespan. The company says the battery is expected to last customers an average of 10 years with hourly wake-up intervals as opposed to operating on an event basis. It recharges quickly when the trailer is hooked to a tractor and power is taken from the trailer’s light system, according to TireStamp; the battery also is better able to survive extreme heat and cold and has an extended temperature operating range that allows it to be charged down to -22 degrees F.

The battery – which can power both the telematics device and TireVigil InTow – is designed to deliver high peak currents over a long period of time, which is especially useful during telematics transmissions, TireStamp says; battery capacity can be adjusted easily based on the customer’s requirements without any changes to the main system, so if a fleet requires longer operation time between charges, battery capacity can be expanded. Since the battery is not comprised of hazardous material and has a rugged chemistry, it can take a lot of electrical and mechanical abuse and will not explode, according to the company.

Safer fueling
McCuff Industries says its Diesel Big Rig McCuff is designed to help eliminate splashing or spilling of diesel while fueling Class 4-8 trucks. On the first click, your tank is full, eliminating multiple clicking and the need to check fuel levels. The product also helps reduce vapor inhalation and is designed so a driver doesn’t have to hold the nozzle while fueling, the company says.
McCuff Industries

Keith’s modified V-Floor system
Keith says the latest modification to its V-Floor system – the aluminum V-18 – is a more versatile, all-purpose unloader suited for materials that may be too demanding on a standard slat, but do not require the ruggedness of a steel V-Floor slat. The design of the durable long-lasting system’s sub-deck creates a leak-resistant floor without requiring floor seal, according to the company; the slats are available in multiple profiles, including an Impact Series for high-wear materials and high-impact applications. The V-18 unloader provides versatility for many applications and industries, including waste, recycled materials, construction debris, wood chips and agricultural commodities.

DEF dispensing system
In an effort to help fleet and maintenance managers bring their vehicles into compliance with more stringent 2010 Environmental Protection Agency emissions standards, American Controls Inc. says it has developed a diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) dispensing system that works in conjunction with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) engines that require a steady flow of DEF – comprised of a solution of urea and water – to convert engine emissions into harmless levels of nitrogen and water vapor. Typical components of the DEF dispensing system include a pump, metering equipment, hoses and nozzles, and other fluid controls for transferring the urea solution from drums, totes or bulk storage tanks into the tank on the vehicle. The compact metering and dispensing equipment not only has a small footprint, it also is modified easily, according to the company, which says its engineers can custom-build a system to meet any fleet and maintenance manager’s or municipality’s fill needs.
American Controls Inc.

Vehicle power management system
LedCo-ChargeGuard says its latest ChargeGuard Select model expands upon its original automatic shutdown timer for mobile electronics by adding more user-friendly settings and diagnostic features. According to the company, features include more selectable sensing modes, protected terminals, easier setting of timeout delay switches, MIL-STD 810F compliance and improved high- and low-voltage surge protection with a voltage diagnostic LED to indicate voltage problems.

Leak detection dye for coolants
Tracer Products says its TP-3940 Dye-Lite Rite-Blend blended fluorescent leak detection dye can be used for both extended-life and conventional coolants. According to the company, the specially formulated dye – which is formulated to be used with any fluorescent leak detection lamp – will not affect the color of extended-life coolants, helping to avoid improper mixing and possible damage to the cooling system. Tracer says to use the dye, just add a small amount to a system and allow it to circulate; wherever the coolant leaks out, so does the dye, which remains at the site of each and every leak. When the system is scanned with a Tracerline inspection lamp, the dye glows a bright green to show the exact location of the leak, according to the company.
Tracer Products

Noncontact thermometer
Actron says its IR Thermometer PRO noncontact temperature reader safely measures surface temperatures of hot, hazardous or hard-to-reach objects, and is suited for a variety of applications, including automotive, electrical, HVAC/R and industrial use. Technicians can use the device to detect overheating electrical components, pinpoint radiator core restrictions and read the temperature of exhaust systems, electronics, cylinder heads, catalytic converters, heating and cooling systems, radiators, air-conditioning systems and brakes.

According to the company, simply aim the laser pointer at the target, press a button and read the temperature display; the IR Thermometer PRO utilizes an optical lens to provide accurate measurements over wide temperature ranges and features S.O.C. (system-on-chip) technology, which allows a complete IR design to be incorporated on a single chip, providing a lightweight unit that weighs only .5 pounds. Actron says the infrared thermometer measures temperature by sensing the magnitude of radiated energy at infrared frequencies; using this data and the actual temperature of the detector, the thermometer calculates the temperature of the surface that emitted the energy.

Environmentally friendly lift
Stertil-Koni describes its Envirolift as an ecologically intelligent lift that can help reduce the carbon footprint of any organization regularly utilizing heavy-duty lifting equipment. Ninety-eight percent of the materials used to create the Envirolift are recyclable, the company says, including its nylon, steel and deep-cycle marine batteries, which are known for being robust, energy-efficient and 100 percent recyclable. The Envirolift is engineered to use the weight of the vehicle it has lifted to recharge its batteries with each lowering cycle; according to the company, this self-regeneration technology produces a 50 percent increase in the battery’s operating life expectancy, approximating 50 cycles under a full load of about 72,000 pounds. Stertil-Koni says the Envirolift also uses Panolin, a 100 percent biodegradable synthetic oil formulated for a longer service life than other oils; the lubricant exhibits additional aging characteristics, as well as a higher resistance to oxidation.

Portable nitrogen tire inflation system
Parker Hannifin says its latest portable nitrogen tire inflation system, designed for easy transport throughout a facility, produces 95 percent pure nitrogen from standard compressed air. The TireSaver Model TS051-0ABCBR, cart-mounted to ease portability, is available with a 30-gallon storage tank; a built-in auto inflator designed to purge and fill up to six tires simultaneously; a built-in counter to help keep track of nitrogen usage; two pressure gauges to help monitor inlet and outlet pressure; a plastic bezel design to help eliminate any potential for damage from accidental contact with a vehicle; and a handheld nitrogen analyzer.
Parker Hannifin