Qualcomm, ITI to offer Pro-TREAD driver training in the cab

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Qualcomm Incorporated, a provider of business-to-business wireless enterprise applications and services, and Instructional Technologies Inc. (ITI) announced that they are collaborating to provide the Pro-TREAD Training Series on the Qualcomm Mobile Computing Platform 200 Series (MCP200). ITI’s interactive Pro-TREAD In-Cab training enables drivers to complete safety, regulatory and hazardous materials (hazmat) training during periods of non-driving downtime via a high quality in-cab multimedia experience, the company says.

The MCP200 is designed to increase transportation company revenue by enabling drivers to provide better customer service and by enhancing in-cab productivity. An addition to the Qualcomm Mobile Computing Platform product line originally launched in September 2006, the MCP200 delivers an expanded set of award-winning OmniVision Transportation Services, adding Wi-Fi, in-cab training, Internet access and multi-mode capability.

ITI provides sophisticated, interactive driver training to some 185 fleets in the U.S. and Canada, either at fleet terminals or anywhere via the Internet.

“The Qualcomm/Pro-TREAD collaboration allows a company’s drivers to receive safety training in a timely manner, which could help to prevent accidents before they happen and decrease the company’s liability,” said Norm Ellis, vice president of transportation and logistics sales and service for Qualcomm Enterprise Services.

“The integration of Pro-TREAD with Qualcomm’s MCP200 Series results in a powerful and highly effective in-cab training experience for fleet customers,” said Dr. James Voorhees, CEO of ITI. “The in-cab video capability of the MCP200 makes it an ideal platform for interactive, multimedia content delivery.”

Driver training and other important activities that were previously confined to a corporate office, field service center or driver kiosk can now be completed conveniently and efficiently inside the cab, the companies say.

Pro-TREAD will be available on the MCP200 when the platform becomes commercially available in summer 2009.