GE Asset Intelligence releases GPS Mileage, a virtual hubometer

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GE Asset Intelligence has introduced a service designed to provide fleet owners the ability to track mileage readings on trailers without any additional hardware. Working with the VeriWise tracking product, the service is designed to allow more timely maintenance based on trailer mileage, and also provide accurate mileage-based billing for leasing companies. VeriWise GPS Mileage is the only “virtual hubometer” available to the trailer fleet market today, according to GE.

“This product further differentiates GE’s tracking products,” says Darryl Miller, chief operations officer of Asset Intelligence. “The ability to lower maintenance costs of the trailer fleet is yet another benefit provided by the VeriWise solution. The trailer fleet market wants providers who not only offer a full line of trailer-management products with good customer support, but also have additional services that can help them increase their bottom line in this tough economic time.”

The GPS Mileage product is designed to track multiple maintenance items, giving customers up to 21 counters; for example, if a customer needs to know how long between brake inspections, a counter is designated to track brake mileage, and then an alert is sent over the website when the assigned mileage is reached. The GPS Mileage service updates every minute when an asset is powered and moving, the company says; using VeriWise’s easy-to-use Web interface, customers simply set their parameters and then let the virtual mileage counter do the work.

“The trailer leasing industry has always looked for accurate ways to bill based on mileage,” Miller says. “Now GPS Mileage provides an accurate means to do this while requiring no additional physical devices. In addition, the GPS Mileage product gives you the power to know exactly when your maintenance is due.”