Old Dominion, Hanjin Logistics team for Pacific Promise LCL service

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OD Global, a division of Old Dominion Freight Line, and Hanjin Logistics Inc., a subsidiary of global shipping company Hanjin Shipping, have announced a new joint guaranteed less-than-container load service from China to the United States. The companies say the new offering, called Pacific Promise, will allow importers to move LCL quantities with a much higher degree of velocity, predictability and visibility than has been possible using standard LCL, all backed by a money-back guarantee.

“The new joint service harnesses the combined strengths of the Old Dominion network in North America with the Hanjin Logistics infrastructure in Asia and the capability of an industry-leading shipping company, Hanjin Shipping,” says Greg Plemmons, vice president of Old Dominion Global. “Pacific Promise is about velocity and predictability for our customers who are sourcing products in China. They will be able to remove days and dollars from their supply chain while placing their products on U.S. shelves sooner.”

“We are most excited by the potential of this new alliance,” says Rod Miller, managing director of Hanjin Logistics Inc. “There are significant similarities between our respective companies in terms of our goal to provide the import/export community with innovative transportation solutions.”

The companies say Pacific Promise will provide standard guaranteed transit times and simplified rates from three origin ports in China to virtually the entire United States; customers can check a rate, create a booking and track their shipment from the port to the door online at both Old Dominion’s and Hanjin Logistics’ websites. “We were careful to create a rating and booking process that is very simple for the customer to use,” Plemmons says. “Plus, we give the customer the ability to track the progress of their shipment using their Old Dominion pro number.”

Rates are expressed as a simple single rate per cubic meter that will be slightly greater than standard LCL but up to 75 percent less than air freight. “Customers will be able to shave 10-plus days off their standard LCL transit times using Pacific Promise,” Miller says. “Based on conversations with our customers, we believe the need for this type of product spans many types of importers.”

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Among those who are particularly interested, according to the companies, are importers of high-value products, time-sensitive goods, seasonal or promotional goods, shippers to multiple destinations from a single origin, and products that cannot be trusted to ordinary LCL service.

Beginning April 1, the service will be offered from the Chinese ports of Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong to the U.S ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, Plemmons says. “We will look for opportunities to expand in the near term,” he says.

To learn more about Pacific Promise, go to www.odfl.com or www.hanjinlogistics.com.