Mobileye adds new distributor relationship

Mobileye Inc., a provider of vision-based driver assistance systems and analytics for automotive manufacturers and suppliers, announced the establishment of a retail and distribution relationship with Van Nuys, California-based Al & Ed’s Autosound, a mobile electronics specialists.

Effective immediately, Mobileye’s Advance Warning System (AWS) aftermarket driver assistance products will be accessible for purchase and installation at the more than 20 Al & Ed’s retail outlets in California, as well as the through the company’s Web site, .

Mobileye driver assistance technologies, such as forward collision warning (FCW), headway monitoring (HMW) and lane departure warning (LDW) systems, help alert drivers to potentially life-threatening situations.

Mobileye says its system is the only aftermarket driver safety solution to offer three essential accident-prevention warnings in one unit. Mobileye AWS includes a camera located on the front windshield inside the vehicle and utilizes Mobileye’s advanced vision technologies to detect and measure the distance to vehicles and lane markings, providing the driver with timely alerts.

The agreement will provide Al & Ed’s customers with immediate access to Mobileye’s AWS-4000 and AWS-2000 systems.