Kenworth’s new T470 for vocational, municipal use

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Kenworth Truck Co. announced the expansion of its product range in the vocational and municipal markets with the introduction of its new T470 model. “The T470 offers Kenworth durability and performance that is serviced by our ‘World’s Best’ dealer organization for snowplow, dump, mixer, winch, refuse and other heavy front-axle vocational and municipal applications,” says Gary Moore, assistant general manager of marketing and sales for the Kirkland, Wash.-based truck maker.

The T470 is powered by a 9-liter Cummins ISL engine with 345 hp and 1,150 lb-ft of torque. Other features include a range of manual and automatic transmissions; and 12,000- to 22,000-lb.-rated front axles, 21,000- to 26,000-lb.-rated single rear axles, and 40,000- to 46,000-lb.-rated tandem rear axles. Kenworth says the fixed grille hood, designed with a 50.5-inch bumper setting for convenient installation of a front engine PTO, allows for full extended frame rails for a heat-treated 120,000-psi steel frame without the need for cutouts. Halogen projector headlamps are standard equipment.

The interior of the T470 features the same multiplexed dash installed in Kenworth’s Class 8 product line with a large panel designed for convenient installation of body controls and gauges; the Kenworth Driver Information Center is standard. The spacious Kenworth Extended Day Cab, available as an option, is designed to enhance driver comfort with an additional six inches of length and five inches of cab height compared to the company’s traditional day cab.

The Kenworth T470 is available for order now, with initial production scheduled to begin this month.
Kenworth Truck Co.

Trailer air-ride suspensions
Ridewell Suspensions says its RAR-260 trailer air-ride suspension – available in overslung and underslung configurations for both 25,000- and 30,000-pound capacities – is suited for any application and is manufactured with Securelok pivot nuts to maintain pivot clamping force. The unitized nut, washer and shim combination is designed to resist loosening under vibration. Additional features, according to the company, include Tenneco multifunctional bushing, integrated shock-absorber mounting, a pivot bolt that requires only 500 ft.-lbs. of torque, axle-alignment adjustment capability of plus or minus .25 inch at the hanger, and mounting heights that range from 14 to 18 inches for the overslung configuration and 5.5 to 9 inches for the underslung model.

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Ridewell says it worked with Polar Tank Trailer to design its RAR-240 suspension with stainless steel hangers and upper spring plates. The company says the RAR-240, available through Polar Tank for a full range of tank trailers, offers improved appearance and durability. RAR-240 air-rides are available for most on- or off-highway trailers and are available in underslung and overslung configurations for 25,000- and 30,000-pound capacities, according to Ridewell. The Monopivot 240’s single bushing is designed to act as a pivot for extreme axle articulation as well as an additional load-cushioning element.
Ridewell Corp.

Waste-hauling tires
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. says its G289 WHA line of waste-hauling tires feature:
·A wider, deeper 24/32-inch tread that helps extend tread life in waste-haul applications;
·A waste-haul compound that enhances tread life and scrub resistance for long tread life and retreadability;
·A sidewall protector rib that helps resist sidewall scuffing in high-scrub waste-haul applications to enhance casing life;
·A shoulder design that helps direct pressure away from the outer tread for uniform treadwear; and
·DuraSeal Technology, a built-in tire sealant designed to seal tread punctures quickly – up to /-inch in diameter in the repairable area of the tread; the gel-like rubber compound does not seal sidewall punctures – to help minimize downtime and provide added miles to removal.

Another feature of the tire is its all-season traction on wet, snowy or dry roads in stop/start waste-haul applications – derived from four wide circumferential grooves in the tread area, according to the company; and with the tire’s strong casing, which features four all-steel tensile belts, waste haulers have a strong foundation for retreading. Along with the G289 WHA, comes its retread mate, the G289 Retread.

Goodyear says the G289 WHA – which joins the company’s G287 MSA and G288 MSA tires for front and rear loaders, plus transfer-dump operations – fits the vast majority of waste-haul vehicles through its 315/80R22.5 size, in load range L, at 10,200-pound capacity. While the tire is intended primarily for urban settings in front- and rear-loader applications, it also is versatile enough to be used in highway conditions, according to Goodyear.
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.

Slim LED lamps
Grote Industries says the latest two versions of its SlimWhite LED lamp offer up to 500 lumens of light output, a 50,000-hours LED service rating and a low profile. The lamps are available in both 18- and 48-inch lengths and measure 1.25 inches wide and .75 inches thick. The dual length options are designed to offer the end user additional installation latitude; with 10 diodes, the 48-inch version is suited for lighting long expanses with bright, even LED light, while the 18-inch version can provide additional lighting capacity of 6 diodes in small, tight areas such as compartments.

In addition to its compact size, 485-lumen light output and robust design, the 18-inch lamp – which is available with an on/off switch – also is suited for any location that requires significant illumination but has restricted mounting space, according to the company. The thin profile of the SlimWhite Lamps makes them less likely to be struck by foreign objects, while allowing them to fit almost anywhere, Grote says, and the lamps’ low heat emissions help eliminate the threat of contact burns or radiant heat damage; the cool operating temperature of each lamp also helps reduce the heat load related to illuminating any interior work or storage space.

Both lamps feature tough, durable polycarbonate lenses and come in 12-volt (.6-amp) configurations; the 18-inch lamp also is available in a 24-volt (.3-amp) style. The lamps are designed to operate in temperatures between -40 and +122 degrees Fahrenheit.
Grote Industries

Torch with flexible neck
HTP America says its Flex Neck Tig Torch Head lets users quickly change the torch’s angle, providing instant trouble-free access for the tool to practically any tight, cramped or out-of-the-way spot. The head is designed to fit all of HTP’s 9, 17, 20 and 26 series torches, and the company says any of its Tig Welders can be upgraded with the head when ordered.
HTP America

Vocational spring brakes
Haldex says it now offers its Gold Seal and Life Seal double-diaphragm spring brakes for vocational applications, including refuse haulers, cement mixers and dump trucks. According to the company, the brake’s heavy-duty service housing, dust boot and Neoprene service diaphragm are proven and tested for tough truck applications. The brake’s housing is made from 8-gauge steel and is 10 percent thicker and stronger than standard housing, while its black powder coating provides added corrosion protection, Haldex says. The dust boot helps prevent the entry of damaging contaminants and also offers added protection from water ingress for truck applications with upward pointing pushrods, while the nylon fabric-reinforced service diaphragm offers added resistance to chemicals, oil and garbage waste.
Haldex Commercial Vehicle Systems

Penny-size license lamp
Truck-Lite says its 33 Series license lamp, the world’s smallest LED license lamp, offers heavy-duty trucks and trailers greater efficiency, coupled with the latest in white diode technology. The single-diode license lamp’s low profile is designed to minimize physical damage and give off less heat. The 12v grommet-mount lamp is composed of polycarbonate and does not require a bracket, according to the company; the stealth low-profile design not only is resistant to damage, but also hides the lamp from view to help deter theft.

Runway system for drive-on lift
Rotary Lift says it designed its Mach 4 Plus as a runway system for its Mach 4 mobile column lift that provides all the benefits of a heavy-duty four-post drive-on lift in a more versatile package. The Mach 4 Plus runway system is used with a set of four Rotary Lift Mach 4 mobile column lifts. Once the system is connected to the columns, vehicles weighing up to 60,000 pounds can be driven onto the runways and raised to a comfortable working height, according to the company; up to two optional 25,000-pound-capacity rolling bridges can be added to lift the vehicle’s wheels off the runways, enabling technicians to perform brake, tire and suspension service. The company says the Mach 4 Plus runway system – which allows a technician to use the same lift to do wheels-free work – can lift vehicles with wheelbases up to 33 feet, including heavy-duty trucks, RVs and buses; once a vehicle is raised for service, the mobile columns can be replaced with jack stands, and the columns then can be used to lift another vehicle elsewhere in the shop or outside, since the system is impervious to water.
Rotary Lift

Fuel theft prevention device
Truck Protect North America says its Neck-It fuel theft prevention device for heavy trucks is available to fit all makes of Class 7 and 8 vehicles sold within North America. The anti-siphon device fits in minutes and requires no drilling or gluing, according to the company; it contains no moving parts and deters siphoning by having holes much smaller than 1/2 inch, yet allows hands-free high-speed fuel filling without splash-back.
Truck Protect North America