Truck safety systems heading overseas

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Iteris, a provider in the traffic management market that focuses on the application and development of advanced technologies, announced that the company has signed an agreement with Magnum Fleet Services to distribute Iteris’ AutoVue Lane Departure Warning system (LDW) to the commercial truck market throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Iteris says its LDW system is an active safety product that warns motorists if they are inadvertently drifting out of their lane, helping to prevent accidents before they occur. The LDW system is a small, integrated unit consisting of a camera, onboard computer and sophisticated image-processing algorithms. According to the company, the system’s camera tracks visible lane markings, and its algorithms detect when a vehicle drifts toward an unintended lane change; if this occurs, the system automatically emits a distinctive rumble strip or other audible warning, alerting the driver to make a correction.

Magnum Fleet Services is a part of the Magnum Vehicle Group and was created specifically to bring safety technology to the commercial vehicle and fleet market. The Magnum Vehicle Group is one of the largest U.K. online suppliers of mirrors and safety equipment for truck, HGVs and other commercial vehicles.

“Iteris looks forward to working with Magnum to assist more fleets in experiencing the benefits of LDW technology,” says Abbas Mohaddes, president and chief executive officer of Iteris, based in Santa Ana, Calif.