Cadec launches DeliveryTracker DCS for handhelds

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Cadec Global, a provider of advanced fleet management solutions, launched DeliveryTracker DCS, a handheld pickup and delivery application that extends a company’s supply-chain management efforts all the way to the delivery point.

DeliveryTracker DCS is particularly well suited for operations that utilize independent contractors, whose needs for core on-board computing functionality may not match those of the parent fleet, the company says. DeliveryTracker DCS provides everything independent operators need for pickup, delivery and inventory tracking, including electronic manifests, dynamic pickup and delivery instructions, invoice printing, barcode scanning and electronic signature capture – without requiring an on-board computer.

Northwest Food Products Transportation (NFPT) was one of the first Cadec customers to implement DeliveryTracker DCS. “Cadec plays a central role in NFPT’s overall transportation management strategy,” said Roger Nordtvedt, director and general manager of NFPT. “As our independent operator base expanded, we needed to ensure that those vehicles would be tied in to our overall fleet management system. Cadec’s DeliveryTracker DCS enables us to do that easily and relatively inexpensively, without our having to install fixed systems in contract vehicles.”

Cadec’s DeliveryTracker DCS extends the essential delivery-tracking aspects of fleet management software to independent operators through an application that runs on handheld computers from Honeywell, Intermec and Motorola.

Using the DeliveryTracker DCS software application, drivers can view and enter time-critical and accurate delivery information, allowing them to be more responsive to customer needs while away from their vehicle, Cadec says. Following every delivery and pickup, the handheld wirelessly transmits the data to the central office as an industry-standard XML file for seamless integration with most enterprise software applications.

According to Cadec CEO Michael Baney, DeliveryTracker DCS was driven by specific customer requirements for a way to extend the benefits of supply-chain management into independent operators’ trucks. “In talking with customers, we quickly found that pickup and delivery tracking was their primary need,” said Baney. “DeliveryTracker DCS improves customer service and significantly streamlines the delivery process, enabling drivers to make more stops, and improving the accuracy and turnaround time of invoices. Customer feedback has been very positive.”