Dry van trailer

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Strick Trailer Corp. says its Armorplate II post and composite plate dry van trailer features 101.5 inches of inside width, 13-gauge galvanized steel logistics posts and .305-inch-thick prepainted galvanized steel composite plates. The Armorplate II features a true post and plate design, which gives it the strength of a post trailer and the smooth interior of a composite plate trailer, making it suitable for most pallet configurations, according to the company.

The Armorplate II’s heavy-duty aluminum bottom rail is designed to provide interior scuff protection, and a proprietary inboard roof helps provide protection against exterior damage. The aluminum top rail also is designed to protect against interior roof bow damage. The Armorplate II is available in a standard configuration and can be custom-built to meet a variety of customer needs, including various lengths, widths and added features such as liftgates and double-decking systems.
Strick Trailer Corp. (www.stricktrailers.com)

Handrails for tank trailers
A retractable set of handrails is now an optional safety feature on all new Mac Pneumactic tank trailers. The handrails, constructed of tubular aluminum, are operated by an air valve located forward of the rear fenders and when raised are locked securely into position, the company says; when retracted, the rails fold into a locked position that is lower than the height of the manholes. When the rails are raised, the brakes on the truck-trailer are locked to prevent any movement until the handrail is lowered, according to Mac.
Mac Trailer (www.mactrailer.com)

4-inch round LEDs
Peterson says its 817-3/818-3 Series Piranha brand 4-inch round models provide premium LED S/T/T light. The 817-3 grommet-mount and 818-3 flange-mount models both contain integrated AMP-compatible connectors and seven diodes, and are designed with an operating range of 9 to 16 volts. The company says the lights meet FMVSS 108 requirements and also feature skirted weld joints to facilitate added protection against moisture. The grommet versions use 426-18 rubber grommets. Top positioning is not required, according to Peterson.
Peterson Manufacturing (www.pmlights.com)

High-capacity lowboy components
Pitts Trailers says its latest custom high-capacity lowboy components – the NSB-141 and NST-141 – allow users to maximize loads easily and safely. The NSB-141 and NST-141 combine a 14-foot 1-inch booster axle spread with a nitrogen accumulation system and hydraulic cylinders. The system – outfitted with a gas-powered pony motor – is designed to allow the operator to set the exact weight desired on the booster axle and maintain the same setting through varying road conditions. The hydraulic settings and adjustments can be made quickly and effortlessly, according to the company; to back up, pop in one pin and raise the unit off the ground.
Pitts Trailers (www.pittstrailers.com)

Lightweight flatbed series
Doonan Specialized Trailer says it has integrated the Chaparral design into its manufacturing process, creating a four-model series of lightweight trailers. All four models also are available in dropdeck versions:
·The Chaparral 48-foot flatbed is an all-aluminum trailer that weighs 8,263 pounds with a GVWR of 90,000;
·The Platinum 48-foot flatbed is a combo-aluminum sill trailer that weighs 8,835 pounds with a GVWR of 80,000;
·The Diamond 48-foot flatbed is a combo-steel sill trailer that weighs 9,188 pounds with a GVWR of 80,000; and
·The Black Gold 48-foot flatbed is an all-steel trailer that weighs 9,500 pounds with a GVWR of 80,000.
Doonan Specialized Trailer (www.doonan.com)

ABS valve
Haldex says its Full Function ABS (FFABS) valve, which works with its PLC Select 1M and 2M Full Function ABS System applications, has a pre-installed combination nipple that accommodates either 1/2- or 3/4-inch reservoir ports. The FFABS not only expedites service replacement, but also reduces inventory since the combination nipple works for two different-sized ports, according to the company.
Haldex (www.haldex.com)

Dump box safety system
Precision EndGate says its Dump Box Safety System locks a truck’s tailgate in place to ensure cargo does not escape, which can save lives and prevent accidents. According to the company, the system features:
· A universal stainless-steel mounting bracket that won’t rust;
· Quick and easy installation with minimal downtime;
· High-quality weatherproof components, promoting system longevity and limited maintenance; and
· Elimination of oily air exhaust fumes in the truck cab, creating a healthier work environment.
Precision EndGate (www.precisionendgate.com)

Collision-avoidance system
StrobeWise, a collision-avoidance and rear-impact defense system produced under license from TransSystems by SoundOff Signal, is designed to provide up to 10 seconds of additional warning time to following vehicles over and above brake lights, thus warning them of a slowing or stopping vehicle that has yet to engage traditional brake-light features. The StrobeWise system has been designed for vehicles utilizing a center high-mount LED light by incorporating a rear fender-mounted signal light. The company says the system is suited for commercial trucks and fleet vehicles that often do not use brakes during initial deceleration.
SoundOff Signal(www.soundoffsignal.com)

Longer electrical, air cables
Phillips Industries has added 20-foot length options to more of its electrical and air cable products that previously were available only in 12- and 15-foot lengths, including ABS Lectracoil, Permacoil, ABS Permacoil, ABS Lectraflex, ABS Lectracoil with QCP, Permacoil with QCP and ABS Permacoil with QCP. Phillips says the 20-foot cable options offer a solution for more fleets that require the extra length for a sharper turning radius.
Phillips Industries (www.phillipsind.com)

Water pump
Sloan Transportation Products says the Detroit Diesel 6122 Water Pump features a DuPont Nylon backing plate, a John Crane ceramic water seal, a double-lip oil seal, SKF main bearings, a fatigue-proof steel shaft and fluorocarbon Teflon-coated O-rings. Sloan says the pump is designed to handle higher underhood temperatures due to stricter U.S. Environmental Protection Agency emissions rules.
Sloan Transportation Products (www.sloantrans.com)

Day/night color video camera
Safety Vision says its SV-830 day/night mobile-rated color video camera pairs high-intensity infrared (IR) illuminators with high-quality audio to yield an objective “eyes and ears” account that may serve as irrefutable court-admissible evidence. The SV-830 is available in dome and wedge enclosures and is suitable for interior and exterior mounting. Available in standard and high-resolution versions, the camera also offers four selectable lens focal lengths, from wide to narrow angles; according to the company, this feature affords comprehensive coverage and precise viewing configurable to individual customers’ different operational needs and diverse mobile environments. The dome camera model features a light-emitting diode (LED) that flashes to indicate unit activation; the wedge camera has an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of IP65, which Safety Vision says denotes superior protection against environmental factors such as dust and water. All models feature pan and tilt capabilities, as well as hardware that securely locks all movements, according to the company.
Safety Vision (www.safetyvision.com)

Cordless grease gun
Snap-on says its 18-volt cordless grease gun (CGG4850) is designed and manufactured to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use, including extreme conditions. According to the company, the cordless grease gun features:
· 7,500-psi hose that operates at minus five degrees;
· High-impact nylon housing that has durable high-impact strength;
· Bulk or cartridge-compatible refill;
· Comfort cushion trigger that has a soft touch with precise control;
· All-steel slide crank mechanism with fewer parts and greater durability;
· All-steel durable gear box;
· First-stage planetary gearing and second-stage steel spur gearing;
· 18-volt 2.4 AHr slide-on battery, and it also runs on Snap-on’s CTB4145 14.4-volt 2.4 Ah battery; and
· Pump housing pressure tested to 20,000 psi.
The cordless grease gun set also includes two 18-volt batteries, a charger and a plastic storage case.
Snap-on (www.snapon.com)

Fuel filters
Parker Hannifin’s Racor Division says its ParFit fuel filters PFF296 (replaces CAV296) and PFF297 (replaces CAV796) help protect expensive systems components from microscopic solid contaminates and damaging water. The fuel filters, which contain one of three media grades developed for optimum performance and versatility, are applicable for on- or off-highway vehicles and stationary equipment.
Parker Hannifin (www.parker.com)

Air cleaners for offroad equipment
Donaldson says its XRB family of air cleaners is suited for offroad equipment operating in medium-dust environments. The compact radial-seal two-stage air cleaner is designed for horizontal installation; its plastic housing and durable construction include built-in mounting brackets and a cover latch designed to simplify filter service in all types of operating environments, with temperature ranges from -40 to 82 degrees Celsius and engine airflow from 265 to 630 cfm.
Donaldson (www.donaldson.com)

In-frame overhaul kits
Caterpillar has released four Precious Metals In-frame Overhaul Kits for on-highway engines. The kits initially are available for 3406E, C15 and C16 engine models, with development work of in-frame overhaul kits for additional models under way.
Caterpillar (www.cat.com)

Tow bar
Blue Ox says its Titan tow bar, which can handle up to 10,000 pounds, is made to fit larger vehicles, provide a tighter turning radius and haul heavy loads with ease. The tow bar is designed with a pintle coupler to facilitate an easy, safe and sturdy hookup, and is backed by Class IV safety cables to create a strong, durable tow connection. The Titan is suited for construction operations, rugged fleet applications, farms, manufacturing centers, government projects and other heavy-duty jobs. According to the company, the tow bar is made with drop-forged steel and quarter-inch wall tubing; its legs stretch for a length of 46 inches when fully extended to facilitate a tight turn, and it can be stored on the front of the towed vehicle.
Blue Ox (www.blueox.com)

Heavy-duty wiper blade
Rain-X says its heavy-duty wiper blade is designed to withstand the demanding weather conditions faced by over-the-road heavy-duty truck drivers. The blade is made with a synthetic squeegee designed to withstand rain, sleet and snow, and to provide a smooth chatter-free wipe. The wiper blade – which comes in sizes ranging from 13 to 24 inches – has a galvanized steel frame designed to provide long-lasting durability and protection against corrosion; it also is designed to apply even pressure.
Rain-X (www.rainx.com)

Flush-mount LED work lamp
Grote Industries says its Trilliant Mini Flush-Mount LED WhiteLight Work Lamp reduces the risk of lamp damage due to object collisions and is engineered for superior light output with low power consumption. The lamp, designed to provide bright LED WhiteLight for more than 50,000 hours of operation, has a die-cast aluminum housing, polycarbonate lens and stainless steel bezel with a rubber gasket, and its flood pattern casts a wide beam that also is suited as a driving light for smaller offroad utility vehicles. The 12-volt .8-amp lamp is designed for use as auxiliary lighting and, when placed at the rear of the vehicle, is up to five times brighter than a standard four-inch round legal back-up lamp, according to the company, while the flush-mount bracket allows it to be located at positions that are most advantageous to the vehicle operator. The stainless-steel bracket, which also is sold as a separate component, is designed to convert any Trilliant Mini LED WhiteLight Work Lamp into a flush-mount version.
Grote Industries(www.grote.com)

Fiberglass loom
Del City says its resin-coated fiberglass loom is designed to deflect or confine temperatures up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, protecting sensitive wires, harnesses and hoses from solvents and engine fluids. The loom is made to be durable in many environments, including areas of high vibration, vacuuming pressure or mechanical stress. Suited for transport to any jobsite, the loom is packaged on a compact spool and is easily cut-to-length with scissors or a utility knife without the ends fraying, according to the company.
Del City (www.delcity.net)

Dock gates
Wildeck says it designed its line of EdgeGard Dock Gates to protect dock openings, truck loading and unloading pits, or other hazardous areas. The gates meet the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s load force protection requirements and are offered in four configurations to adapt to specific customer needs, according to the company. A folding-rail design helps protect wider openings and minimizes the required overhead gate clearance height.

Battery isolators
Waytek says its battery isolators for the trucking, RV and heavy-duty equipment industries are suited best for vehicles and equipment with multiple batteries. The battery isolators are designed to prevent accessories from draining the starting battery, and allow two batteries to be charged simultaneously. According to the company, the electronic components of the battery isolators are embedded for protection from contamination and vibration, while an integral heat sink provides efficient heat dissipation. Waytek says the battery isolators are rated for 12- to 36-volt DC negative ground systems.
Waytek (www.waytekwire.com)

Wheel balancer
Ranger Products says its DST-1200 Wheel Balancer adopts the latest 16-digit signal processor and single-chip architecture, providing an inherent boost in performance and accuracy. The DST-1200 consumes less power and features an improved rate of heat dissipation, according to the company, and users can choose from multiple methods for inputting wheel parameters, including button controls and a wheel rotation. The calibration process also is easier, Ranger says; both static and dynamic calibrations can be made automatically through a photocell sensor, allowing original data to be accessed after each use. Unique wheel parameter data can be saved in the system, and the user can perform incremental distance and parameter diameter adjustments, according to the company; after six seconds, the LED display recommends the correct minimum weight and placement to achieve optimum balance.
Ranger Products (www.rangerproducts.com)