OTC introduces two new GripLock pullers

OTC, an SPX brand, says it has extended its lineup of tools with the release of the 2-Ton (P/N 464) and 5-Ton (P/N 465) GripLock Pullers. The ergonomically-designed pullers feature both external and internal pulling action, as well as two- or three-jaw configurations, making them a one-stop solution for a variety of removal and installation applications, according to the company.

The GripLock pullers’ yoke arms are designed with two positions for jaw placement to facilitate enhanced spread control and optimized pulling force. Additionally, the design includes a Live Center action forcing screw, and a pressure bearing yoke cap that holds the jaws in place, making setup easy regardless of the orientation, the company says; configuration conversions take seconds, with no wrenches needed.

OTC says the 2-Ton and 5-Ton GripLock pullers are finished for maximum durability. The 464 GripLock Puller has a 4-inch maximum reach and a 3- to 4-inch spread, while the 465 GripLock Puller has a 7-inch maximum reach and a 3- to 7-inch spread, providing a fast pulling solution for a wide variety of gears, pulleys, bearings, seals and bushings found in a wide variety of service applications, according to the company.

For more information, go to www.otctools.com.