Qualcomm delivers new Wi-Fi service on MCP200

Qualcomm Inc., a provider of business-to-business wireless enterprise applications and services, and Wandering WiFi, a provider of wireless infrastructure solutions, announced an alliance to deliver a new Wi-Fi service, called Premium Wi-Fi Service, on Qualcomm’s Mobile Computing Platform 200 Series (MCP200). Premium Wi-Fi Service will use Wandering WiFi’s network to provide access to more than 700 Wi-Fi hotspots at truck stops across the United States.

Access to Premium Wi-Fi Service at leading truckstop locations throughout the country creates more opportunities for drivers to take advantage of the productivity-enhancing services of Qualcomm’s MCP200, the company says. The platform now allows carriers to give drivers access via the Internet to relevant back-office information in a more cost-effective and efficient manner.

With Qualcomm’s Premium Wi-Fi Service, carriers using MCP200 can provide their drivers with unlimited access to Qualcomm’s in-cab scanning service over the Wi-Fi network without incurring additional per-page charges. Carriers have the option of using either their own private Wi-Fi networks or Premium Wi-Fi Service to access Wi-Fi hotspots.

“Enabling drivers to be connected at more locations is critical to our customers and their drivers because it not only improves productivity, but also gives drivers access to a range of information via the Internet,” says Norm Ellis, vice president of transportation and logistics sales and services for Qualcomm Enterprise Services.

“We are proud to collaborate with Qualcomm to provide their customers with access to the largest, most convenient Wi-Fi network in the transportation industry,” says John Marshall, president and chief executive officer of Wandering WiFi. “Our Wi-Fi hotspots offer drivers consistent, reliable access to the tools they need when and where they need them.”

The MCP200 delivers an expanded set of Qualcomm Transportation Services, including in-cab video training, Internet access and multimode capability. The MCP200 Series enables fleets to effectively transform their cabs into mobile operations centers. Business-critical activities previously confined to a corporate office, field service center or driver kiosk now can be completed conveniently and efficiently inside the cab, the company says.

With the enhanced availability of company information and client-specific instructions, drivers can make more productive use of nondriving downtime, be more self-sufficient and improve customer service, Ellis says.

Qualcomm also announced the addition of Circle of Service Workflow, a new Qualcomm Transportation Service designed to improve operational efficiency through better management of load assignments, automated event triggers and prefilled work process forms. Circle of Service Workflow is available on both the Mobile Computing Platform 100 (MCP100) and 200 (MCP200) series.

Circle of Service Workflow helps transportation and logistics companies improve both the driver and customer experiences with features that include a list of scheduled stops, automated arrival and departure detection with latitude and longitude, and prefilled work process forms, the company says.