Snap-on heavy on ball peen hammers

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Snap-on’s ball peen hammers are designed to provide maximum power with minimal effort to do more jobs quickly and efficiently. Available in a range of sizes – 8-ounce (HBBD8), 16-ounce (HBBD16), 24-ounce (HBBD24), 32-ounce (HBBD32) and 40-ounce (HBBD40) – the hammers can be used for a variety of repair jobs, including brake rotors, brake drum removal, ball joints, tie rod removal, tires, seal installations and loosening oil pans and covers.
Outside the hammer:
• The polished steel head has a large, tough striking surface and a torpedo-shaped peening surface;
• The compact head design is engineered for concentrated power delivery;
• The microcellular grip conforms to hand shape and reduces vibration;
• The thumb rest allows users to choke up in a tighter work area; and
• The flared end helps prevent the hammer from slipping.
Inside the hammer:
• The internal steel canister features a free-flowing steel shot design to improve dead blow action and reduce rebound; and
• The composite handle shank is lightweight and strong as steel, and offers improved balance while defusing shock, dampening vibration and flexing back into shape.