Grote plans Trilliant Technology Tour

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Grote Industries, a provider of high-performance LED lighting technology for the transportation industry, announced an initiative aimed at getting its staff and its LED WhiteLight Work Lamp Portfolio up close and personal with its customers. Dubbed the Trilliant Technology Tour, the road show-style program will highlight Grote’s group of six high-tech high-performance LED WhiteLight Work Lamps. The company says it is taking a break from several industry trade shows in favor of spending more time personally visiting customers, showing them Grote’s latest technology, listening to their feedback and responding to their needs.

“As the economy begins to stabilize, our customers need our time and attention more than ever before,” says John Grote, vice president of sales and marketing. “Trade show attendance remains down industrywide, and many of the people who could benefit from seeing our new technology simply aren’t at the shows. Most shows simply aren’t structured to offer us an opportunity to spend much meaningful time with our customers or those we wish to reach out to. So in 2010, we’ve made a strategic decision to focus our time, effort and resources on building stronger relationships with those who matter most — our customers.”

Grote says the company is still exhibiting at a significant number of trade shows this year, but that select appearances have been canceled and the dollars redirected to a variety of new customer-centered initiatives. The Trilliant Technology Tour will allow Grote’s executives and sales staff to visit hundreds of distributors, OEMs and fleets in more than 80 cities, reconnecting with customers, raising brand awareness and demonstrating its LED WhiteLight products all along the way.

The mobile exhibition will include a specially outfitted vehicle, an inflatable mobile theater and other displays and communications components, and will be supported 24/7 by a dedicated staff. Guests will be able to enjoy live demonstrations, watch videos and interact with the products. Grote sales professionals have been engaged in establishing advance plans that will allow the vehicle to make multiple stops in each city and town visited in the United States and Canada.

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“Lighting is experiential by its nature,” Grote says. “People have to see how one lamp performs in comparison to others, and we’re taking that experience straight to our customers.” Grote says the mobile exhibit will allow guests to compare and judge the differences in physical features like lamp construction and heat management – as well as optical characteristics such as light beam intensity, color and pattern evenness – in both Grote work lamps and competitive offerings.