Truck-Lite designs LED interior trailer lamp with motion sensor

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Updated May 19, 2010

Truck-Lite’s Super 80 LED interior trailer lamp has an infrared motion sensor to boost efficiency for trailer operators. The interior dome is similar to Truck-Lite’s 80251C, while offering the ability to be activated when motion is recognized, thus eliminating a switch. The sensor, which compares changes in heat coupled with motion, can sense movement up to 10 feet away from the lamp surface. The lamp is designed to stay on through five minutes of inactivity before automatically shutting off, saving operators power consumption.

The rugged lamp is composed of die-cast aluminum housing and a polycarbonate lens. The near-flush mounting design is 1.1-inch thick, which leaves more clearance for loads or loading equipment; retrofits or replacements have a recommended cutout of 16-by-4 inches. The potting material completely encapsulates the LED’s circuit board to facilitate resistance to shock, vibration and fluids from cleaning activities. Truck-Lite’s Super 80 will function at full brightness from 7V to 16V; the lamp’s 10 LEDs reach full brightness at 9.5V, helping to eliminate low-voltage problems.