Bendix celebrates 750,000th BA-921 air compressor

Updated Dec 7, 2010

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems recently celebrated the production of its 750,000th Bendix BA-921 air compressor. First introduced in 2002, Bendix says the BA-921 provides a robust design for fleets and owner-operators desiring a proven compressor to help maintain air pressure for the operation of air brake systems.

The BA-921 model is a single-cylinder air compressor that was designed to reduce the weight and amount of oil that is passed through the air system to maximize braking performance. It also provides lower discharge air temperature, minimizing carbon and debris creation. In addition, it uses reed-style valves, which have fewer moving parts. The BA-921 model features increased service life, resulting in reduced maintenance costs for vehicle owners.

Manufactured at the Bendix Acuña, Mexico, plant, the compressor underwent design enhancements in 2004, and again in 2010, to meet the increasing needs of the commercial vehicle market. Other benefits of the BA-921 model include improved air quality, fast recovery to ensure maximum air pressure with minimal fuel use, a highest boost capability of 43.5 psig, and a high drive-through capacity of up to 125-foot pounds.