OTC refractometer evaluates DEF condition

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The 5025 DEF Refractometer from OTC, an SPX brand, is designed to provide a fast and convenient method for evaluating diesel exhaust fluid condition in a matter of minutes. The 5025 refractometer is a portable, precision optical instrument used for measuring the DEF concentration. When a liquid sample is placed on the prism, the light passing through it is bent. The more concentrated the liquid, the more the light will bend.

It contains a reticle, or scale, that is enlarged through the eyepiece to measure this light; and the values on the scale have been established to evaluate the DEF condition. According to Eric Adamson, OTC product manager of Equipment and Heavy-Duty Tools, SPX Service Solutions, the user simply places a small liquid DEF sample on the refractometer prism, looks through the eyepiece and reads the scale, which has been calibrated specifically for DEF.

The kit includes the refractometer, a dropper, the lens wipe cloth, instructions and a quick reference guide; it also includes a screwdriver and a case. Also, SPX announced two new upgrade kits now are available for the OTC DPF Cleaner (P/N 5280), including coverage for Detroit Diesel (P/N 556889) and Navistar (P/N 558181) engines.