Wix debuts ecoLAST heavy-duty oil filters

Updated Jul 6, 2011

Wix Filters has announced the availability of five ecoLAST oil filter part numbers for the following engines: Cummins ISX, Cummins M11, Mack MP8, Detroit DD60 and Caterpillar C13 and C15. ecoLAST filters are a line of direct replacement heavy-duty oil filters, which the company claims are proven to double oil life and save fleets $100 – $200 per vehicle annually.

“Wix has conducted significant real-world testing with many of the most popular original equipment diesel engines to confirm ecoLAST oil filters’ ability to perform at extended drain intervals,” said Norbert Schuermann, vice president original equipment sales and new business development, Wix Filters. “This extensive research has given us the confidence to offer the best warranty for extended drain oil filters in the industry today.”

Wix says its ecoLAST oil filters capture dirt and soot like a traditional filter, while utilizing media to sequester the acids in the oil. Other extended drain technologies, such as time release additives, sacrificial elements, on-board refining and bypass filtration, are all limited by buildup of acidity levels. The ecoLAST filtration media, which has no similar competition on the market, does not rely on slow release technology, has proven effective with conventional and synthetic lubes, and works with biodiesel, LPG, gasoline and diesel fuels.

In addition to industry-leading engine protection, Wix says its ecoLAST oil filters represent a significant breakthrough in helping fleets reduce their operating costs while also supporting a more sustainable environment. Typical fleets, which average four oil changes per vehicle per year, can save 25 to 35 percent or approximately $100 – $200 per vehicle annually using ecoLAST filters when compared to oil changes using standard oil filters. A mega-fleet with 9,000 vehicles using ecoLAST oil filters can realize a potential annual savings of approximately $1,150,000 by eliminating the need for 5,400 barrels or 226,800 gallons of oil, 18,000 oil filters and approximately 9,000 service hours. A medium-size fleet of 400 vehicles could potentially save more than $51,000, by eliminating the need for 240 barrels of oil, 800 filters and approximately 400 service hours.

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“Prior to implementing a new oil drain interval, the ecoLAST oil filter warranty program requires fleets to conduct an oil analysis program in order to determine the ideal change interval for their fleet,” added Schuermann. “While oil change intervals during ecoLAST oil filter testing were commonly doubled or more, each fleet’s unique environment and operating conditions will affect oil life in different ways.”

The following ecoLAST part numbers are now available through all of the traditional WIX distribution channels.
• 57745ec: Cummins ISX
• 51748ec: Cummins M11
• 51791ec: Mack MP8
• 51971ec: Detroit DD60
• 51792ec: CAT C13 & C15
• 57745ec: Oil Analysis Kit

Additional product applications will be reviewed on a regular basis. Fleet managers should contact their local sales representative for additional information on new products.