Eaton expands UltraShift Plus line

Eaton Corp. announced a number of expansions to its UltraShift Plus line of automated transmissions, including the addition of two new vocational platforms, additional application approvals within a multipurpose platform and a lower range of torque for its linehaul platform.

The newly released UltraShift Plus vocational platforms include the Vocational Active Shifting and Vocational High Performance models, both designed for linehaul vocational use. The 10-speed VAS platform is available between 1,050 and 1,650 lb-ft as well as multitorque, and the 13-speed VHP platform is available in models ranging between 1,650 and 2,050 lb-ft.

“The UltraShift Plus is built upon the proven and reliable Fuller constant-mesh manual transmission, using proprietary electronic shift actuation and intelligent shift logic to determine the optimal shift points for efficiency and performance,” says Shane Groner, North America product planning manager for Eaton’s Commercial Vehicle Transmission Division. “The result is the widest array of customizable transmission configurations ― even at the fleet level ― to meet the demanding needs of vocational applications.”

Meanwhile, the Multipurpose Extreme Performance platform of UltraShift Plus has been approved for additional applications. The original applications approved for the MXP platform included linehaul and heavy haul. It now is approved for the original applications, as well as logging, mining, oil field, construction, city delivery, refuse and off-road applications.

“The MXP platform of UltraShift Plus automated transmissions is based upon the robust Fuller Super 18-speed transmission,” says Groner. “This highly versatile transmission handles extreme loads, offering exceptional startability and gradeability in challenging environments. With an unlimited gross combination weight rating and torque up to 2,250 lf-ft, the UltraShift Plus MXP is our most versatile offering.”

Eaton also has released lower torque models of the Vocational Construction Series and Vocational Multipurpose Series transmissions to include 1,050 and 1,250 lb-ft versions. “We’ve lowered the torque in our platforms specific to mixer and dump applications to reach those customers who don’t require the torque ranges originally offered with these UltraShift Plus platforms,” says Groner. “The lower-torque models of VCS and VMS platforms are the latest expression of customer feedback influencing end product.”