Advance Business Capital goes mobile with its marketing

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Transportation factoring company Advance Business Capital says that by infusing QR codes into its marketing plan, it is finding new potential in traditional print media. “Integration of QR codes converges print and digital media with a single push of a button,” says Gena Mann, marketing manager for ABC. “This technology brings new relevance to traditional print media.”

Originally launched in Japan, QR codes are two-dimensional codes that store information to be read by smartphones. The codes often are placed in advertisements or alongside editorial material in print media. By scanning the code with a smartphone app, a number of actions can take place depending on the specific code. The code can direct you to a form, go to a Web page, send a text message or e-mail, open Google maps and more.

Consumers will see Advance Business Capital QR codes on advertisements at truckstops, TransCore load board monitors, TransCore Call boards and most major transportation industry trade magazines. ABC’s code will direct a scanner’s mobile phone to a short informational video and contact form at

“We see QR codes as an easy, interactive but nonintrusive way to get our customers more relevant information about Advance Business Capital’s products and services,” Mann says.