Thermo King highlights unattended rail solutions

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Updated Nov 16, 2011

Thermo King this week is introducing two new solutions that support reliable load quality during extended transport. The Heat King 430 series for rail, truck and trailer and the Auto Fresh Air Exchange for SB-RR refrigeration units for rail are being introduced Nov. 13-15 at the Intermodal Association of North America Expo in Atlanta.

Thermo King’s Heat King 430 series for rail, truck and trailer transport is designed to provide freeze protection for temperature-sensitive cargo such as paint or chemicals. The unit is built to increase uptime through more reliable control components based on solid-state technology to avoid moving parts that can break. The unit provides flash-load programming capability and features system diagnostics to help simplify troubleshooting and lower labor costs; it also retains error codes indefinitely rather than losing them when the unit is turned off. Return and supply air temperature sensors help provide built-in redundancy so that if one sensor fails, the other provides continued performance. The unit features an impact-resistant rugged battery hold-down, which helps prevent the battery from movement and possible damage due to the shock loading of rail cars. A controller algorithm starts the unit automatically when the coolant drops below 30 degrees Fahrenheit to help ensure easier cold starting and increase battery life. Fault codes and an optional status light alert yard staff and drivers to problems quickly.

The Auto Fresh Air Exchange option for Thermo King’s SB-RR refrigeration units is designed to deliver fresh air to unattended rail containers via remote access to maximize shelf life and improve food quality over extended transport of days or weeks. This feature is built to monitor the state of the mechanism either locally at the human-machine interface or remotely via third-party telematics to help keep loads safe from the detrimental effects of gas buildup inside the refrigerated space. The solution can be used on rail boxcar, container-on-flatcar and trailer-on-flatcar applications.