Rotary Lift high on Shockwave technology package

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Updated Dec 7, 2011

Rotary Lift recently introduced Shockwave, a package of lift technologies designed to accelerate vehicle service speed to provide greater technician productivity and higher shop profitability. Shockwave-equipped lifts boast 25-second rise and 19-second descent times partly because of a DC power unit; a Shockwave-equipped lift is battery-operated with a built-in charger that runs on 110V current.

Technicians can position a vehicle more quickly because of the Spotline laser-spotting guide and fast-set superstructures. Spotline projects a green laser line into the middle of the lifting area; the technician pulling a vehicle into the bay just centers the line on the vehicle’s hood and dash for positioning. A motion detector turns Spotline on and off automatically.

Rotary Lift offers five models of Shockwave-equipped two-post lifts. Choose between three superstructures: standard arm packages, moveable pads or the pad/arm hybrid that combines a three-stage rear arm with a fixed front pad. There are four models of Shockwave-equipped SmartLift inground lifts: the Trio superstructure or moveable pad superstructure.