SEFL deploys electronic inspection reporting

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Updated Jan 20, 2012

Southeastern Freight Lines, a provider of regional less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation services, has completed deployment throughout its fleet of Innovative Software Engineering’s (ISE) electronic driver vehicle inspection reporting (DVIR) application to enhance safety and productivity.

Over 14,000 compliant and paperless DVIRs are being generated and certified daily, the company says. The DVIR implementation will eliminate over 9 million paper based forms annually from being created, filed, stored, and purged.

ISE DVIR is a full-featured FMCSA compliant application that automates DOT required vehicle inspection reporting and record keeping. The DVIR application works as an extension to ISE’s Electronic Driver Logs application, which Southeastern deployed in 2010. Southeastern has already realized improved efficiency of its fleet operations by using ISE software to process over 29,000 paperless driver logs each month.

“Just as ISE did with their Electronic Driver Logs application, ISE has delivered a critical advantage to our safety and compliance with its new DVIR application,” said Braxton Vick, Senior Vice President of Corporate Planning and Development at Southeastern Freight Lines. “The DVIR application is easy to use for our drivers and maintenance technicians, providing a safer work environment for our drivers and the public traveling on the roadways. We could not be more pleased with ISE as a technology partner.”

ISE DVIR integrates with the ISE Electronic Driver Logs application. The mobile interface automatically prompts the driver to inspect each vehicle before and after operation. Drivers select from customizable lists of parts and accessories and common defect descriptions, simplifying consistent yet detailed defect documentation.

Maintenance personnel use the Web interface to review defects and deficiencies, enter notes, and certify that repairs have been made or are not needed for safe operation. When the next driver takes the wheel, the mobile application retrieves the latest defect and repair information for the power unit and current trailers, creating a reviewable DVIR for the entire vehicle combination. After reviewing the report, the driver checks one or more boxes to indicate satisfaction that the vehicle is in safe operating condition.

Real-time electronic communication of inspection reports improves safety and regulatory compliance by enabling earlier defect resolution. ISE’s eFleetSuite Web application has been integrated with Southeastern’s existing fleet vehicle maintenance software applications to further enhance shop automation.

“We are so satisfied with the DVIR operation that we have decided to extend the deployment to hundreds of forklifts to leverage the same eFleetSuite Web application providing consistency across the organization and further lower operating costs,” Vick said.

“The addition of electronic driver logs and DVIR continues to add tools to provide our drivers with the latest technology to simplify their work and create a safer work environment to serve our customers even better,” Vick added.