Sidump’r makes Air-Weigh QuickLoad Trailer Scale standard feature

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Air-Weigh announced that Sidump’r Trailer, a Plainview, Neb.-based manufacturer of side-dump trailers for construction bulk hauling, is the first trailer manufacturer to make Air-Weigh’s new QuickLoad Trailer Scale a standard feature on its products. “This sends a clear statement that there is real value in using QuickLoad Trailer Scales” says Martin Ambros, Air-Weigh president.

Sidump’r has been offering Air-Weigh scales for nearly a decade. “Making the QuickLoad Trailer Scale standard is a major customer benefit, providing protection from overweight citations, improving productivity and, at the end of the day, extending trailer life by protecting from overloading,” says Jennifer Koepke, Sidump’r general manager. “Our users are now more diverse in what they haul. While maybe they once only hauled rock, now they could be hauling dirt, sand and distillers. They don’t always know the weight and could get a ticket, especially if the material gets wet.”

Air-Weigh says that with the QuickLoad Trailer Scale as standard equipment, users can load to the maximum every time with no need to check-weigh or rework the load, but protecting the trailer is also a big factor for both Sidump’r and its customers. “Because the scale prevents overloading in those environments where there is no scale at the loading point, we see less abuse, and our customers get the maximum life from their Sidump’r trailers,” says Koepke.