Webb Wheel brake drum training, tech certification video now online

Updated Aug 1, 2012

Webb Wheel has added a new training video with an associated tech certification test to the Training Toolbox on its website at www.webbwheel.com. The new “Proper Brake Drum Selection” video illustrates how braking events affect a brake drum depending on vehicle speed and total weight as well as rate of brake deceleration; and it explains how different drum designs manage the amount of heat generated at each stop.

Because of these variables, vehicle use is an important factor in choosing the right drum for a particular application, and the video assists a fleet in determining the proper designs for them to ensure the best brake performance and lowest cost of maintenance. After viewing the video, a test can be taken on the Website to certify that the technician understands how to make this determination for the vehicles they maintain.

Technicians can review and test themselves on proper brake drum selection and correct wheel-end installation procedures for different hub mounting systems and the consequences of not following the recommended practices. A downloadable PDF addresses the potential causes of the two most common warranty returns for brake drums – out-of-round and cracked – as well as describing what to look for to help diagnose these issues. Videos can be viewed in English, Spanish or French.

The variables in brake application as depicted in the video are addressed by Webb brake drum product offerings, including a value drum, standard drum, High Performance design, Vortex Unlimited and a heavy-duty drum. Engineers at Webb’s Technical Center use an in-house dynamometer and fully equipped metallurgical lab to qualify the performance standards for all their wheel-end products.