ATDynamics entering European trucking market

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Updated Sep 26, 2012

ATDynamics, a supplier of semi-trailer rear-drag aerodynamics technology, announced that it will provide its TrailerTail aerodynamics technology to the European trucking market. ATDynamics said it is working with European regulators, trailer manufacturers and trucking fleets to ensure the compliance of maximum efficiency TrailerTail technology with EU highway regulations.

ATDynamics is entering the European market with two TrailerTail technologies: a 50-centimeter (20-inch) device called TrailerTail “Eco50” designed to be compliant with European regulation Directive 97/27/EC, which is expected to be passed in November; and the longer 122-centimeter (4-foot) device used in the United States, marketed as the “Eco120” in Europe.

ATDynamics is working with European regulators to allow a minimum 122-centimeter length exemption for rear-mounted aerodynamic devices. The company estimates that the European continent would increase its fuel bill by more than $3 billion annually by only permitting the 50-centimeter device. Pilot units currently are available to European trucking fleets.

“Building a sustainable global transportation system will require rapid innovation and significant international collaboration,” said Andrew Smith, chief executive officer of ATDynamics Inc. “TrailerTail is a proven technology which can be implemented immediately by the international community, and we look forward to continued work with trucking fleets, trailer manufacturers, regulators, environmental groups and safety advocates to re-nvent the shape of the modern semi-trailer.”

According to ATDynamics, TrailerTails adopted on the two million long-haul semi-trailers operating across Europe would reduce transport carbon emissions by nine million metric tons annually and would save European trucking fleets an estimated $6.5 billion in diesel fuel per year. TrailerTails also are designed to add safety benefits by improving vehicle stability in high winds, reducing spray in wet weather and creating a collapsible “crumple-zone” at the rear of trailers to reduce fatal rear-impact collisions.

According to ATDynamics, the 4-foot TrailerTails have demonstrated 5 to 7 percent fuel savings at highway speeds in multiple SAE Type 2 J1321 tests conducted by independent third-party testing organizations in the United States; the fuel economy of ATDynamics’ TrailerTail “Eco120” also was tested in Europe earlier this year through a partnership with TNT Express and a Dutch trailer aerodynamics company, Ephicas, in which 6 percent fuel savings were reported over a five-month testing period.