Pegasus TransTech adds load tracking to mobile scanning app

Updated Aug 1, 2013

0-PEGASUSLOGOPegasus TransTech has added Transflo Load Track, a GPS tracking system for smartphones providing in-transit visibility plus instant access to proof-of-delivery documents for processing and billing.

Transflo Load Track is designed for freight brokers and carriers to eliminate the need for inbound and outbound driver check calls about the location or status of the load, the company says. Unlike other smartphone tracking offerings, Transflo Load Track is integrated with Transflo Mobile, an app for document scanning. This enables carriers and brokers to receive signed documents immediately upon delivery.

To track a load and send documents electronically, the driver needs an iPhone or Android smartphone or tablet and the free Transflo Mobile and Trucker Tools App which includes Transflo Load Track. When the driver accepts a shipment from a participating broker or carrier, the relevant shipping information downloads to the driver’s smartphone. No data entry is needed.

From that point on, Transflo Load Track knows the location and status of that shipment and displays the information on a map. Carriers, brokers, shippers, and other authorized parties can follow progress on the web map with pinpoint locations and timestamps along the route. Pegasus says the tracking technology is highly accurate and doesn’t rely on cell phone tower triangulation to estimate a location.

Upon delivery, Transflo Load Track automatically launches Transflo Mobile, prompting the driver to use the smartphone to scan the signed delivery receipt and any other required documents. Those images are instantly sent to the carrier or freight broker for processing and billing.

“Transflo Load Track is an evolutionary progression for Pegasus TransTech,” said CEO Bob Helms. “We began in back office document management, moved outside with truck stop scanning, and into the truck cab with laptop and smartphone scanning.”