PeopleNet ushers in new era with Precision Mobility Platform, enhances oil & gas offerings

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Updated Aug 23, 2013

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At its 11th annual user conference in San Antonio, Texas, PeopleNet offered attendees a glimpse at its new era of insight with its Precision Mobility Platform. The new technology combines fleet mobility solutions with precision analytics for streamlined integration and better visibility.
“There is virtually no limit on systems and applications that will work in tandem to extend the value of information from operational intelligence to predictive analytics that conveys insight for decision-making about the future,” says Mark Botticelli, PeopleNet chief technology officer. Such insight will include predictions on equipment failures, allowing fleets an opportunity to service a tractor before a failure occurs, as well as driver behavior monitoring, allowing coaching opportunities to correct unsafe driving habits before an accident occurs.
PeopleNet engineers provided a demonstration of real-time fleet visibility that the Precision Mobility Platform will offer, including a simulated rollover event that shows up immediately in the reporting software.
The core back-office platform will soon be run on a cloud-based machine-to-machine (M2M) architecture, replacing the current tri-mode wireless communications system that runs on satellite, cellular and Wi-fi. According to PeopleNet, the change will optimize scalability, uptime, expedite deployment of new solutions and enhance cost effectiveness.
In addition, PeopleNet is adding 4G wireless communications to provide more bandwidth and video streaming for mobile devices.

New solutions for oil & gas customers

PeopleNet also announced it partnered with sister companies to combine its fleet mobility solutions with ALK Technologies’ navigation software and GEOTrac’s energy services technology to create the PeopleNet Energy Services Portal. The new offering is in response to growth in the oil & gas transportation sector and a growing demand for two-way messaging and GPS support in remote areas, including vehicle tracking and routing on private roads to and from well sites. The new portal will include monitoring to ensure vehicles and drivers are on correct routes for hauling dangerous materials through cities and towns from oil and gas sites.