Stay Metrics research shows top 5 ways to engage drivers

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Updated Sep 20, 2013

As the Trucking Industry wraps up “Driver Appreciation” week, Stay Metrics shared five best practices to building a successful driver engagement platform. Based on its latest study, Stay Metrics is able to confirm that engaged drivers are twice as likely to stay with their carriers. Carriers that utilized the best practices below experienced an average of 15 percent improvement in retention and 14 percent fleet growth in the first year.

1.            Implement Gamification. Gamification is the use of game mechanics in business processes like points and badges.

2.            Provide weekly, monthly and quarterly recognition. Drivers enjoy frequent feedback on their performance. Use of an online program, for instance, can notify drivers every time points are added.

3.            Inject safety training and contests into your recognition platform. By doing this, research shows that participation in safety training will double.

4.            Publish a Leaderboard to allow drivers compete for the top position.

5.            Recognize outstanding service from drivers in Social Media.

Stay Metrics offers fleets an online driver rewards and loyalty program called Drive for Gold. As part of the service it provides carriers with research, analytics and insights into driver retention within their fleet and collectively across its customer base.