Trojan Battery revamps website

Updated Jan 22, 2014

TBC_Website_crop[1]Trojan Battery has launched its newly revised corporate website designed to be a premiere source of information for Trojan’s global customers, distributors, dealers and system integrators by featuring detailed information on battery technologies, maintenance practices, as well as the design of energy storage systems.

Visit the new Trojan website at

The revamped Trojan Battery website offers detailed technical data on Trojan’s energy storage battery solutions for a wide range of applications, which are now identified on the website by new market icons. Trojan deep-cycle flooded, AGM and gel products are engineered to power a variety of equipment used in golf, renewable energy, aerial work platform, material handling, floor cleaning, transportation and recreation industries. Visitors also will learn about how customers are taking advantage of Trojan deep-cycle batteries to successfully power their applications in these market segments.

The website also features the latest news announcements from Trojan regarding new products, technologies and alliances, as well as educational and corporate videos which provide in-depth information focusing on a variety of battery topics. Trojan is committed to expanding the public’s awareness and understanding of deep-cycle battery technology, and keeping it apprised of important battery-related subjects that can positively impact their use of Trojan products.

“For more than 85 years, Trojan has provided reliable, cutting-edge deep-cycle battery technologies to a wide range of markets,” said Elke Hirschman, vice president of marketing for Trojan Battery. “Our new corporate website will offer our customers, distributors and dealers around the world a more detailed look into how Trojan continues to shape the world of deep-cycle battery technologies. It also demonstrates Trojan’s commitment to bringing to market only the most advanced battery solutions designed specifically to fulfill the unique needs of each of our market segments.”