Pressure Systems International touts 2013 as record year

Updated Mar 18, 2014
Pressure Systems International (P.S.I.) says it completed 2013 with record sales of its automatic tire inflation system for commercial vehicles. Annual sales for the company world-wide exceeded forecast by 14% and resulted in a 21% year over year increase.Throughout 2013 P.S.I celebrated their 20th anniversary supplying automatic tire inflation systems. The company says it was the first to recognize the benefit of this technology for commercial trailers, and during the year have honored twelve trucking fleets that played a significant role in their success.  Today, the Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS™) by P.S.I.™ has the greatest share of North American fleets that use automatic tire inflation systems with approximately 36 percent of all new trailers being equipped with the system.  P.S.I. also markets their automatic tire inflation system in 41 countries currently exporting to China, Europe, South America, Africa and Australia.

“2013 was a good year for our industry and for P.S.I.” commented Tim Musgrave, President/CEO. “Our people and our customers continued to work together to help make 2013 a memorable year for us. We are forecasting similar growth in 2014.”  Steve Ottemann, Vice President of Operations echoed Musgrave’s comments “Our goal is continuous improvement in all facets of the business and we have complete buy-in from everyone resulting in increased market penetration and outstanding customer satisfaction by meeting 100% of their quality and shipping requirements”

During 2013 year-end celebrations, employees were honored with P.S.I. annual awards:

  • Salesman of the Year Award was given to Steve Robinson, Director – OEM Sales & Dealer Programs. In 2013 Steve was tasked with tracking niche fleet customers to educate them about the benefits of MTIS™ by P.S.I.™ His effort in this area, as well as his constant penchant for detail and follow-up, has made these niche markets grow over 300% from 2011 penetration. He also maintained a steady growth in all the overall OEM & dealer areas.
  • The Carl Tapp Award, which is given to the employee who epitomizes the four cornerstones on which P.S.I. was founded Attitude is Everything, Never Give Up, Dare to Soar, and Whatever It Takes, was presented to Melanie Siroky, an assembler on the control box line.  Melanie suffered a personal tragedy in 2013 losing her son in an industrial accident.  Through a very difficult time, her strength and commitment to P.S.I. set an example for everyone.  She played an integral part in helping the company exceed their manufacturing goals for the year.
  • President’s Award:  Richard Gonzalez, Lead QC Inspector, won the award for the third time as an outstanding individual and employee for P.S.I. Gonzalez has not missed a day of work in three years and is always the first one in the office each day.  His enthusiasm for his job is contagious to all who work with him.  P.S.I. is lucky to have Richard working for the company.