Keen Transport selects Transflo scanning

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Pegasus TransTech announced that Keen Transport, a national provider of heavy-haul logistics and transportation services, has chosen to go paperless with Transflo scanning.

Keen Transport, based in Carlisle, Penn., operates more than 250 power units. The company’s initial motivation for implementing the Transflo Express truck stop scanning, Transflo Mobile and Transflo Now! in-cab scanning applications from Pegasus TransTech was to eliminate the cost of using an overnight drop box mail service and the recurrence of missing documents.

“Having a receipt and being able to track what has happened with the paperwork is hugely helpful,” said Carol Barrett, project manager for Keen Transport.

Transflo scanning is available to drivers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Convenience is a key offering of these services as drivers can visit one of the more than 950 scan locations or use their smart phone to capture and submit proof-of-delivery documents in a timely fashion.

Keen Transport gives drivers the option of using any Transflo method they choose with the goal of becoming paperless by July of this year, Barrett said.

The company selected Transflo after researching and testing the mobile scanning solutions offered by two suppliers. Its side-by-side test started in November 2013. A small group of its drivers tried Transflo Mobile and Transflo Now! and also tried the products from a different supplier.

“We take things slowly and carefully here,” Barrett said. As part of this test, Keen Transport compared the data usage from drivers’ cell phones. The Transflo applications used less data and the images were higher quality. They were also easier to use, she concluded.

Keen Transport rolled out Transflo in February, 2014, starting in new driver orientation meetings. The training required was minimal since many drivers were already familiar with all three options.

“They have absolutely no problem moving forward and actually prefer Transflo to other methods,” she said of her drivers. “The ones who have used it before say they don’t know why we waited so long.”

Keen Transport is also moving forward on plans to install a Transflo terminal scanning kiosk at one of its company’s highest volume facilities to add another convenient option for drivers to submit paperwork.

“Increasingly, as drivers change jobs they expect to be able to use the same, convenient apps and services they have grown accustomed to,” said Frank Adelman, president and CEO of Pegasus TransTech. “Pegasus TransTech’s enterprise grade mobile app and truck stop scanning have become the industry standards for fast, reliable delivery of trip documents to help transportation companies improve operating efficiency and speed cash flow.”