Fleets hit with $2.2M in fines from CARB in 2013

California’s Air Resources Board Diesel penalized truck and bus fleets a total of $2,177,813 last year for non-compliance with state diesel risk reduction programs.

Forty-seven companies accumulated $1,727,975 in penalties in 2013. The board settled the remaining 209 cases for $449,838 altogether, with each company fined less than $10,000.

Agency officials found a total of 256 companies in violation of state regulations such as non-compliance with the Statewide Truck and Bus program. Other violations included improper verification and certification of diesel particulate filters, incorrect self-inspections for compliance with state smoke emission standards and dispatching non-compliant trucks.

The penalties will result in $1,703,084 for state air quality research projects, while $417,167 is earmarked for Peralta Colleges Foundation to fund diesel emission education and diesel technology certificate and degree programs. The remaining $57,562 will fund school bus diesel particulate filter installations.