ICYMI Index: 3 numbers you should know from this week’s trucking news

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Updated Jan 26, 2015

Sleep apnea, crash weighting in CSA and another big drop for diesel prices — Here’s this week’s ICYMI Index:

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icymi accountability
The number of crashes used in FMCSA’s study on assigning crash fault and weighting scores appropriately in its Compliance, Safety, Accountability program. Lack of crash accountability in CSA has been one of the trucking industry’s biggest issues with the program. The agency concluded, however, that implementing crash scores would be difficult and costly and would yield little benefit. Trucking industry groups, however, have expressed disappointment in and disagreement with the agency’s findings.[/gttable]

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sleep apnea2 icymi
The apnea-hypopnea index benchmark FMCSA wants medical examiners to target when screening drivers for sleep apnea and certifying drivers with sleep apnea. The agency published this month a bulletin for examiners in its National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners reminding them there is not official guidance or rule from FMCSA regarding sleep apnea screening, and that the discretion of whether to refer drivers to sleep specialists prior to medical certification is left up to their discretion.[/gttable]

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icymi jan 22 fuel

The price threshold the U.S.’ average diesel price crossed in the most recent week. The average at-pump price for a gallon of diesel fell below the $3 mark last week for the first time since November 2010.[/gttable]